Hans-Georg Hess served aboard U-466 for several Feindfahrten then in August 1944, just a few months past his 21st birthday, he was posted to command U-995.  He liked the photo above right best because it showed him smiling.

I first met Hans-Georg in person in Key Largo at our First annual Convention - Key Largo, Florida in 1987.  Who could know that this would become a strong friendship across the ocean and Hess was to become my best friend in Germany.  In the photo lower left, Hess is at the controls of the glass bottom boat in 1987 from Captain Slate's Atlantis Divers and his good friend and former Skipper of U-466 Gerd Thäter looks on.  Bottom right - Hess is in the center of the photo in 1997, also on one of Captain Slate's boats - and always smiling.

Mike Torreson, who took the photo on the right, telephoned from America's heartland with his condolences.

Hans-Georg received his 'Final Orders' and began his 'Eternal Patrol' Friday 28 March 2008.  There were so many wonderful emails we thought it was necessary to share them here.  First is the email I sent to all Sharkhunters Members who are on our HOT MAIL Link:

Sharkhunters HOT MAIL
This is the most difficult and sad news I have been forced to tell you in two dozen years.  My best friend in Germany died last night.
Hans-Georg Hess was the youngest combat submarine Skipper of World War II and probably of all time.  He commanded U-995, which today is in Laboe outside Kiel Germany, on five war patrols at a time when U-Boats were not returning from their first war patrol.  He was awarded the Knights Cross for his efforts.  After the war, he became an attorney and eventually a Doctor of Law.
He was our solid iron bridgepost in Germany and did more to help Sharkhunters than even I know.  There is so much more to be said, but at the moment, I am not thinking too clearly.  There will be a more fitting message about my friend in KTB #208.
Please keep this fine and honorable man in your thoughts and prayers.  God bless him!
Harry Cooper

From Eric Krogh
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Dr. Hess was a true gentleman, and was most gracious and giving. Please accept my condolences.

Model builder CASPER emailed
That is indeed very bad news , l did not know the man but getting to feel like l did , again sorry for the mail and for HG `s death , it makes my U-995 more important as now its in memory of the man who sailed in her , so sorry .

From Lou Mari
Those of us who are devoted to preserving honor and truth in history are deeply saddened to learn of this great man's passing. Our sincerest condolences to his family and friends in Germany, and especially to you who loved him so much.
     Now, let us rejoice in the knowledge of what he accomplished, and let us continue to revere his memory.

From Wayne Jenevein
This is terrible news.  Wow what a blow.  Too sudden for us.  He was going after that Guido thing this past week.  That was a sign of strength.  I know what you are going through right now.  Sharkhunters is a strong group, we can handle adversity but this the most serve blow to the group.  Thank you for getting the word out to us so fast.  Anything I can do?

During our 1999 "Northern Patrol" Hess is with us at his former command, U-995

From Erik Matthews
I am glad that I was able to have met this man on two occasions.  He and his son and daughter were excellent hosts.  I will treasure the photo a fellow sharkhunter's member gave to me of Dr. Hess mugging at the periscope of his old U-boat.  I am glad he had lived a good life after the war, though in the early years after the war's end this was not always easy.  He will be greatly missed, for he was a decent and honorable man and a great human being.  He never forgot is comrades and U-995 will be a memorial for those men who went to sea but did not return.  Fair winds and following seas, dear friend...Fair winds and following seas...

During a "Patrol" in Chicago (from the left) Hans-Georg Hess (Skipper of U-995 and Knights Cross), Jürgen Oesten (Skipper of U-61, U-106, U-861 and Knights Cross), Eberhard von Kettelhodt (Training Skipper), Hermann Hoffmann (Skipper of U-172)  from the U-Bootwaffe and Harold McCormick from the U. S. Navy - he was Gunnery Officer on a ship that was sunk by Oesten.  All but Oesten have departed on their "Eternal Patrol"

During a "Patrol" in Chicago, Hess is being interviewed for television on the deck of USS SILVERSIDES in Michigan.

From And
y Beyer
My most sincere condolences, Harry.  Herr Hess has gone on to The Lord, but on our "human level", I can't imagine how hard this must be for you !  U-995 goes on to Eternal Patrol.  Although I never knew the man, considering how much he did for Sharkhunters and him being your best friend, I for one, will pray for his soul.  Right now, just rest, heal up and grieve in your own way. God Bless !!

At a "
Patrol" in Chicago, Hess is with his friends Christian Reauleaux (served aboard German cruisers) and Paul Gatzke who served aboard a Kriegsmarine supply ship.

From Russ Lockwood
I am sorry to hear about Herr Hess. I know how close you two were. I met him (and you and his son) at the Sharkhunters booth at the Celebrate History show in
S. San Francisco back in 1999 and then went to his informative lecture and Q&A session. I have always enjoyed his reminiscences within the pages of KTB. Please extend my condolences to his family.

From Nahuel Coca
I am sorry for you, Harry. This must be a terrible loss for you.

During a "Patrol" in Austria, Hess (left) chats with another Knights Cross holder - tank commander Ernst Barkmann.

From Loren Charles and Mary Myers
Please send my deepest condolences, my deepest respects and my sincerest regrets to the family of Hans-Georg Hess.  I know that eventually Death claims us all.  Nevertheless, there are certain people you want to see live far beyond their years, and Hans-Georg Hess was certainly among them.
     I am eternally grateful that you and Sharkhunters made it possible to meet the great men of history, men whose eyes, voice and handshake alone could convey the enormity of the world shattering events they witnessed and in which they participated.  Thank you, Harry. You have my very deepest sympathy.

Above photo - Hans-Georg Hess in beret with me in uniform at U-995 in 1999

From Adolph Zeiseness
Deepest regrets

From Edward Hsiao
I'm truly very sorry that your best friend Hans-Georg Hess had passed away.  He suddenly got his sailing orders to go on eternal patrol for which there is no return to earth. I guess there will be a somber memorial service that will take place aboard the submarine U-995 which Hans-Georg Hess had commanded during WWII. I know that Otto Kretschmer, Erich Topp, Kurt Diggins, and other U-boat commanders had became your close advisors and friends during the years you headed "Sharkhunters" but now they are sailing on eternal patrol hopefully together. Hess will meet them. I silently salute Hans-Georg Hess!

From Colonel Curt Ebitz, U. S. Army (Ret), Vietnam combat veteran
I'm sorry to receive this sad news about your best friend in Germany.  I know this is a heavy loss for you given your admiration for him and the long friendship that the two of you shared.

From Chuck Myles
So sorry to hear this news about Hans-George Hess, an icon of the Kriegsmarine U-boats to many of us Sharkhunters.  Know that we will have him, and you, in our prayers.  We must consider ourselves fortunate to have had this man as a fellow member and that he gave so much of his life to us through his advice, reports and history.  You, as a personal friend, must remember the good times you shared with him through the years.  We share your grief at his passing.  Stay strong,

From Bradley Wargin
Sorry for your loss.  With his passing all his knowledge goes with him.  Despite what 80% of high school students in "Amerika" think that history is the most boring subject, history is the most important subject.

During our 1999 "Northern Patrol", Hess is back at his battle station aboard U-995

From David Stalter
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend passing.  My thoughts are with you and the family of Hans-Georg Hess.

From Bill Kruse
It certainly is sad news not only for you but for all of us in the Sharkhunters community! I did not know him personally but thanks to the KTBs sent to all the members I truly enjoyed reading about the tremendous achievements and exploits of Hans-Georg Hess during WW2. He will be sorely missed!!  Again my condolences to you and his family--sail on in peace!

From Hans Pustelnik
Very sorry to hear this news about your friend.  My condolences to you.

From Jagdev Singh
Shocking news indeed!

From Bill Napier, USMC combat veteran, Vietnam
O Harry, it is with heavy heart that I read your news, on the death Kapitän Hess. What a fine man, a complete gentleman. He was VERY kind to me, and ALL of us, everytime we went to Germany.  What a shock, this will take some time to get over. Now Harry, what happens to this great mans lawsuit?

From Ezio Maiolini
I am so sorry. I pray tonight for Mr. Hess and his family.  What little I know of him from you, he was legend to those who were his brother. God bless His good and obedient servant.  I wish I could have met him.

From Larry Kagin, Sgt Major, U.S. Army
Harry, whatever you think you deserve in pay, it will never be enough!  To lose so many friends each year!  I know that people think you are a money making machine from SH, but please pass on my words to anybody: Fudge Off & KMA.  PRINT IT!  Your friend who is crying.

From Tom Hart
It is so tragic but we are everyday losing a THE GREATEST GENERATION (World War II Generation) of people.  Those of us who have come in succeeding generations after them cannot even hold their socks.  Definitely those men are going through Saint Peter's Gate where they will be welcomed by Our Lord Jesus Christ, in a beautiful place of love where there is never any war, hatred, sorrows, sadness, madness nor darkness.  Rather in this beautiful place there is love, light, forgiveness and joyful reunions.

During our 2002 "Northern Patrol" Hess (on the right) with his friend Hannes Esken, Luftwaffe Major

From Lars Sunn Pedersen
Though I of course did not know HESS and "The Bear" I will bring them my best thoughts and prayers for them - no doubt they were outstanding persons - also to you who lost 2 great friends !

From 'Chaz' Pityk
Wow, Harry, very sad indeed....Hans-Georg was truly one of the good guys.....I remember in 95 when you gave him the portrait of him in the dining room of the hotel Wehrmen-Blume in wunstdorf, you did it because he would take NO reimbursement for all he did for us....he had tears in his for me, he was extremely kind to a beer guzzling hippie biker-type, he didn't prejudge you, he sized you up and went from there.....another time I asked him a question and started with "Dr. Hess....", and his quote back to me was "nein, nein, nein, you are Chaz so I am Hans-Georg....", and most sadly, a little while ago I met a really great chick, and assuming all went well, I was gonna get ahold of you to see if he would marry us on the bridge of the 995, because as far as I was and still am concerned he was and still is the C.O. of the U-995......just from a little further away now....and with the concurrent news of Dave, wow, this is unfortunately reminiscent of may 1943....and me, the guy who always has a wisecrack or a joke to share, just ain't got none with this kind of news.....I'm just glad I met him twice in 95 and 98 and have memories....well Harry, we just gotta keep it going for them and all who went before.....the truth must be exposed and preserved.....take care my friend

From Neil Haglund
My sincere condolences to you Harry

From Commander Eric Berrymann USN (Ret)
On January 12, 2004, Hess called to discuss a conversation he had with (his former Skipper) Gerd Thäter.  Thäter lay dying and had called to ask if Hess would read his eulogy at the funeral.  Thäter did not know how much more time he had left but he was taking care of details.  For the eulogy Hess wanted to use an incident when he was under Thäter's command and asked if I thought it was a suitable story.  He recalled an incident when he was all of 18 years old aboard U-466 and under fearful depth charge attack which Thäter was attempting to dodge by going ever deep into the sea, probably deeper even than the builder's predicted crush depth.  “I was visibly afraid,” Hess remembered. “When Thäter looked up and saw my face he leaned over to me and quietly said, ‘Don’t be afraid, Hans Georg.  We can’t fall lower than into the hands of God.’”

From Bill Olsen
I was shocked and saddened by the news of Dr. Hess's death.  I know how much he meant to you and to Sharkhunters.  I was fortunate to have known him for all too brief a time.  A photograph of he and I raising a glass of beer hangs on my wall.  I can see it as I am writing this.  I'll never forget the first time I met Tilman who recognized me, all though we had never met, from that same photograph that hung in his fathers office.  I felt honored.  We were all lucky to have known him.  We will all miss him.

At our 2003 "Northern Patrol" from the left is Hans-Georg Hess, me (Harry Cooper) and Tilman Hess.

From Harry Hall
GOD & his friends will welcome him - he was a good man

From US Submarine Veteran Jimmy Kennedy

From Marilyn Timms
How very sad. I met Hans Georg Hess at Celebrate History in San Francisco. What an interesting and admirable man he was! My condolences to his family.

From Dr. Renee von Wörde
I am completely shell shocked – I just opened my mail box - I can’t read my private one every day) and saw this terrible news of Captain Hess beginning his eternal patrol. I simply can not believe this. I am simply devastated, first for you because I know how dear a friend he was to you. I am so so sorry Harry. Secondly, I was putting much hope in his law suit defending the Veterans. Harry, thank God for you. You have been faithful in reporting the truth for so long and have likely helped thousands of people come to see things in another more fair light. I can not express my gratitude to you, nor my sympathy on the loss of your good and dear friend.  I will try calling you between everything that is going on here. Again let me offer my deepest sympathy to you, your family,  Captain Hess’s family and to all our Sharkhunters family as well. These are two extremely sad losses.

From Ninon Collet
I am sorry for the loss of your friend and supporter, as well as for the loss of one of the last remaining members of the U-Waffe who stands up for the fighting men who did their duty.

At our 2003 "Northern Patrol" Hans-Georg and my son Sean Patrick Cooper became fast friends.  Sean always sent pictures and sculptures of pelicans, Hans-Georg's favorite bird, to him and Hess always sent back something nice for Sean.  My son was devastated when he learned of his friend's death.

From Martin Fernandez, U.S. Army currently serving overseas
My salute and respects to Hess.

From Chris Gordon
I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of Hans-Georg Hess. I never had the honour of meeting him, but from all accounts he was a really Class A gent.  I send my prayers to all his family and friends at this sad time.

At our 2003 "Northern Patrol" John 'the Barbarian' Gestrich, Barry Monroe and Hess

From Lowell Smith

At our 2003 "Northern Patrol", Hess and his wife receive a small mat from Phil Braun with the conning tower emblem of Hess's boat, U-995

From Steve Toman
My condolences to you also on the passing of Hans and David. You have shed much light on both of them over the years, and that should make them both very proud.

Billy Scott telephoned all the way from Ireland to express his condolences.

At our 2005 "Northern Patrol", Hess is in the center of the photo, his daughter Julianne over his right shoulder and his son Tilman over his left shoulder with Loren Charles at the right of photo.

From Sgt. Major Ken Rouse U. S. Army (Ret)
My God, I'm absolutely speechless!  I've been out of town since Wednesday afternoon and so only just got this.  Just about 2 weeks ago Hans-Georg left a message on my answering machine to wish me a Happy Birthday (he never missed one since we've been friends...never!  And neither did Gerd Thäter.).  He also told me how he was looking forward to our getting together at the meeting of U-466/3506 at the end of August.  I had planned to call him this week to thank him and just to chat a bit.  He will be sorely missed.
     I'm like you...right now I can't even think clearly enough to go on with this message.
     Coincidentally enough I was listening to the soundtrack of 'Evita' on my car CD.  It starts with the public announcement on the day that she died that she had "entered immortality".  There is no more fitting way to express it for Hans-Georg, Gerd, Herr Kretschmer and innumerable others.  In shared sorrow and grief,

During our 2005 "Northern Patrol" Tilman Hess, Hans-Georg Hess and myself standing near the ancestral home of General Scharnhorst.

From retired Intelligence Officer Zel Eaton
Just a note to say how sorry I am to hear of the passing of your good personal friends. The loss is also to the membership and all those who are interested in accurate first hand knowledge of the war.

During 2005 "Northern Patrol" Walter Tegtmeier (U-Boat veteran), 'Fast' Eddie Hogan (USN destroyer Skipper) and Hans-Georg Hess

From U. S. Navy submarine veteran "Mike" Michaelson
I, too, am saddened by the passing of Hess.

From Sid Aust
So sorry to hear about the loss of your best friend  Hans-Georg Hess.  I felt like that I knew him personally in reading all the years of your publication.  I meet many veterals on the Southern Patrol, all so good and proud of service to Germany, but Hess was someone that  was specical to you.  I know you will miss him...I wish I could have meet him and called him my friend also.

Rick Savel had met Hans-Georg and he telephoned from all the way across the USA with his condolences.

From Jim Hummel
Those of us involved in U-Boot history mourn the passing of a fine gentlemen and warrior - Dr. Hess.  Our sympathy and condolences go to
his family.  Our prayers are with him on his journey in the next world.

From John Zaro
My deepest sympathy to the Hess family, Sharkhunters, and you.  I am just in shock of his passing. What can one say in words that you and I already know about Herr Hess.  I will write back soon. As you said this very tragic and terrible news.

From Charlie Wendt
Extremely sad. A  great Man. And nice to listen to.  Fair seas and clear skies.

From Mary Myers
I'm so very sorry that your dear friend has passed and has begun his eternal patrol. I also want to thank you for enabling the patrols in
which we are able to meet these fine veterans.  I was one of the lucky ones that was on the patrols where we were able to meet this
very fine man.  My heart aches for his family, you, and history.

From Mike Torreson
I was saddened to learn of Hans-Georg Hess' passing.  I was looking forward to him takeing on the "German Dan Rather/Ambrose"!  The tribute page brings back warm memories of the Sharkhunters Convention in Key Largo about a dozen years ago.  I was the one who took the picture from the bow of one of Capt. Slates boats of several Sharkhunter veterans, Pete Petersen, you ,standing by a smileing Hans-Georg Hess, Red Nordenberg, Captain Beach.   Later , while in Key West Dr. Hess took a picture of me standing by the marker indicating it was only 90 miles to Havana, Cuba, and I snapped one of him, with a bright smile ,of course!   He will be missed !

Again from 'Chaz' Pityk
Hey man I just wanted to tell you how honored I am to have my comments included in the H.G.H. memorial page, and how much it means to me personally to know you and to have been able to do a couple patrols......without you my friend, like I told you in the parking lot of the Wehrmen -Blume in Wunstdorf in 95, NONE of this kinda stuff could have happened....NONE of it without you, your personality and contacts that you have should feel great that H.G.H. loved you for the work you have done, he and you are "class acts", a term you once used to describe me.....i guess birds of a feather......okay dude, be cool!!!!!!!!

Mike Maffia telephoned with his condolences.

"Wolf" Wolfersperger is a currently serving Senior Master Sergeant in the US Air Force, and he emailed
I am sorry to hear of Hess and his passing.  I wish I could have met him in person.  His spirit must have been strong and his life most interesting.  As time goes by I feel a bit diminished inside myself as I see friends or someone in the same line of work such as myself end life.  I just remind myself to retain some faith and go on, and that is what I do and that is what my friends want me to do also.  That is what
you must do too.

From Bill Donegan
Thank you for the updates.  I read all the e-mails just yesterday and was blown away by it all.  My heart is saddened and my prayers go out to his family, Behut Sie Gott.

From Roland Ihle
I am truly very sorry that your best friend Hans Georg Hess had passed away.  It certanly is sad news for all of us.  I send my prayers to his family and friends.  He will be missed.

U. S. Navy veteran John Hanniford telephoned with his condolences.

More from USMC combat veteran Bill Napier
So sad, im still in shock.

And more from Sergeant Major Ken Rouse
I still can't believe Hans-Georg is gone; especially after having heard from him only 2 weeks ago today.  Thank God I never got around to erasing my messages and plan to keep his voice on my answering machine for some time to come.  It was only a few months back that I attended the services in Nürnberg for Walter Kasparek, who, as you know, was another of Gerd Thäter's I-WOs and another very fine man.  That was another great shock as shortly before I had seen him at the annual Reunion of U-466/3506 in Kehlheim.  In my humble opinion the world is a lesser place without men like these.  Hopefully we will all be, each in his or her own time, reunited in a better place and once more sharing comradship and laughter.

From Steve Shock
I can not believe it.  I can not tell you how sorry I am about the sudden loss of one of your best friends, and one of Sharkhunter's best friends.  This is a blow that will be felt not only for as long as Sharkhunters exists but for as long as we stay on the right side of the grass ourselves.  I just do not know what to say.

Mathew Hall telephoned from Germany with his condolences.

From Frans Luyben
First, my cincere condolances with the ´eternal patrol´of such good and honest men!!  I was shocked to hear off Mr.Hess´s death, such a vital and great man!  You have my deapest feelings off sympathy with these losses, and I do indeed pray for these brave men!

Art Aydelotte telephoned his condolences across the USA

From Steve Grabowski
I've been out with the RV and just heard about the terrible loss for all of us with the passing away of Dr. Hess.  With this Eternal Patrol departure, I sadly weep a tear for history itself.  My condolences, Harry, although I never met him, I know what he meant to you and countless others.
       Tonight, at sunset, I will be at the ocean's edge and will give a last salute in his honor.

Bill Olsen telephoned from America's heartland with his condolences

From James Edwards
It's so disturbing to read updates like this.  While it gives me solace to know that these great men are now receiving their eternal rewards, it's disheartening because they can never be replaced.  I'm not sure if our world will ever again see men of the make and mold of the German veterans.

Raul Colon telephoned from the Caribbean with his condolences

From John Devlin
I am really sorry to hear that Harry.  It is strangely coincidental because myself and my father travelled from Ireland to Hamburg on the 22nd to 26th of March last for the special purpose of visiting U995 at Laboe.  We really had a nice morning, and we had a lovely walk along the coast road from Laboe to the ship.  The u-boat and museum is beautifully kept and maintained, and, I fulfilled a lifelong ambition.
                  My sincerest regrets at that news again.

From Joe Meyer
Herzliches Beileid.  I am also saddened to hear of Herr Hess' departure from this world.  Memory takes me back to 1991 at the Chicago Sharkhunters Convention.  I was fortunate to speak with Mr Hess.  We led the group singing "Westerwaldlied" at supper that evening.

From "Mike" Michaelson
Concerning Hess - I met him on two or three patrols and thought he was a very fine old gentleman and I'm sure sorry to hear that he has departed on his final patrol.

From Paul Angel
Sorry to hear about your friend Hess. I know you will miss him.

From New Member Austin Craig
I was saddened to learn we had lost Hans-Georg Hess on March 28.  I really appreciate the signed photo of him you sent me and that I have framed on my desk.

From Master Mariner, US Merchant Marine Stephen Powell,
Condolences to you and the Hess family on Hans-Georg's passing.  Having been a Sharkhunter member since 1991, I enjoyed reading your articles on U-995 and your close relationship with surviving U-boat veterans.  Your organization has done a lot to preserve thier legacy as honorable men who did thier duty.  Without Sharkhunters, I am sure many of them would have faded away without any recognition in today's modern world of historical indifference.

From U-Bootfahrer Rolf Rosellen
Yes, I have read everything and I was very sorry to hear about it.  I have met him several times.  He was a great man.


Sharkhunters was represented at the funeral by Sergeant Major Ken Rouse, U.S. Army (Retired).  His words.....

"When the remembrance for our dear Hans-Georg started, the small church in his town was filled to capacity; with scarcely an empty seat to be found.  I would say that there were between 150-180 people (possibly more) assembled to say farewell to this outstanding man.  In addition to family, friends, the Marine Bund, and former crew members of his there were also 2 representatives that I saw from the Ordensgemeindschaft der Ritterkreuztraeger (Knights Cross Holders Association) in attendance, both wearing their 1957 version of the cross.  The pastor gave, as is usual in these situations, a thumbnail summation of Hans-Georg's life, but I will admit that I was somewhat disconcerted when it went from his entrance into the Marine to his commanding the U-995 at the end of the war without mentioning his service on U-466 and with no mention of his receiving the Knight's Cross in 1945.  So it goes, I guess.  When the service in the church was over, all present went to the cemetary for the interral.  When we were all assembled there a lone trumpet played "Ich Hatt Ein Kameraden".  "Once I had a comrade"...what more fitting for our friend?  After all had filed by to pay their last respects (and, yes, I presented a salute both for Sharkhunters and for myself), most went with the Hess family to the Deutsches Haus to share remembrances and social connection for a time.  It was a gray, lowery day with a few drops of rain in the air as though the heavens were holding back tears for the loss of Hans-Georg.  On Saturday morning I returned to the cemetary with a young neighbor of his, who served on a U-Boat with the current Bundesmarine, to say my last goodbye (and found his resting place totally bedecked with flowers) and then stopped in to pay my respects to Heilwig before driving home.  At this point the skies opened up for most of the rest of the day, which I found also fitting.  Please forgive my somewhat melodramatic prose, but I chose to think that our sorrow was shared by Higher Powers and that was the indication".

Comments by Baard Haugland of the Royal Norwegian Navy WW2 about the loss of Hans Georg Hess:
     You and I were enemies in WW2, but spescial friends in peacetime.  I remember well our meeting in Kiel 1992, when you told me:
          "Our job was to sink ships, not to kill people!".
That was an exemplary attitude, as I respect very much!  And you lived up to that saying, when you picked up two Russians after sinking their ship, and landed them in Tromsoe, Norway.          I'll remember you and your attitude, Hans Georg Hess!



These mails and telephone calls came from our Sharkhunters Members around the world and everyone seen in all these photographs are Sharkhunters Members as well.  This page was compiled by Sharkhunters Founder and President, Harry Cooper.  He and Hans-Georg Hess were great friends since they met in 1987.

Hess was a fine man with a great sense of humor - usually smiling, and he had a superb sense of honor and loyalty.  We will miss him greatly.

Should anyone else have comments to make about the loss of this fine man, email them to us at

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