Korvettenkapitän LIEBE was born 19 January 1908 in Gotha and was in the Naval Class of 1927.  His one and only wartime U-Boat command was U-38 and he was highly successful with that boat, sinking some 32 ships with a total of 168,506 gross tons.

Prior to the war, he commanded U-2 and was an instructor in the U-Boat School in Kiel.  Then on 24 October 1938, LIEBE put U-38 into commission.  This was a new Type IX-A and he was featured in a PK film showing gunnery practice.  This was pre-war, as the U-Number was painted on the conning tower, something forbidden once the war began.

He had U-38 on the high seas on 3 September 1939 when England declared war on Germany and during this first Feindfahrt (war patrol), he sank two large British ships.

His wartime successes are well documented, but his life took a downward turn at the end of the war.  He chose to return to his hometown, even though it was in the Soviet sector, because his parents were still living there.  The Soviet Navy told him that he must train Soviet submarine Skippers and crews - LIEBE refused.  Because of that, he was not allowed to have any kind of meaningful work and was relegated to menial jobs.

His honor did not fail him, even to the very end.

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