Georg Wilhelm Schulz was born in Köln on 10 March 1906 and was in Reichsmarine Crew (Class) 1930/1932.  In September of 1935 he entered the U-Bootwaffe and on 16 December 1939, he commissioned the long range Type IX-B submarine U-64 at AG Weser in Bremen.

Schulz in a formal pose and in a relaxed setting

They departed on 11 April 1940 for Narvik, which they reached the following day but some damage was sustained in a depth charge attack and they were to move the boat to a nearby shipyard for repairs.  However, British aircraft flying off the aircraft carrier HMS FURIOUS, sank U-64 in Rombaksfjord and only a few men of the bridge watch made it safely off the boat.  A squad of German Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) were on the shore nearby and assisted Schulz and the few survivors ashore.  They tried to get Schulz to go with them for warmth and safety, but he refused saying that he would wait for his men to come up from the sunken boat.  The Gebirgsjäger tried to convince Schulz that this was futile, that no one could still be alive in the sunken submarine.  Schulz refused to leave.

Schulz on the bridge                  His radioman at work on U-124

Soon a man popped up in the water.........then another and another until finally, a total of 40 men was saved from the sunken U-64.  Only 8 men were lost - it would have been much worse if Schulz had not insisted that he and the Gebirgsjäger remain on the shore.

On 11 June 1940, Schulz commissioned another Type IX-B submarine, U-124, also at AG Weser in Bremen.  In honor of the Gebirgsjäger who had helped save his live and 40 of his crew, Schulz adopted their emblem, the Edelweiß blossom, as the conning tower emblem for his new boat.  During his time as Skipper of U-124, Schulz trained Reinhard Hardegen, Joachin Mohr, Werner Henke and others who went on to commend their own submarines.

After passing command of his boat to Mohr, Schulz was posted as Flotillenchef (Flotilla Commander) of the 6th U-Bootflottille, a combat flotilla based at St. Nazaire on the French west coast.  On 4 October 1943, he was posted to the Staff of the Commander of Training U-Boats as Leader of the U-Boat Testing Group.  On 22 April 1945, he took command of the 25th U-Bootflottille based in Travemünde.

Schulz was a fine officer and a good man, well liked by everyone in the U-Bootwaffe.  He began his 'Eternal Patrol' soon after becoming a Member of Sharkhunters, but his widow Elenore is still a Member in his place.

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