Anyone even remotely interested in the history of the U-Bootwaffe knows the story of U-534.....the finding, the raising and the humorous stories about nothing being aboard but condoms.  Those are nice 'romance' stories for the press with nothing to do - but the true story is incredibly different.

The boat was found many years ago by salvage diver Aage Jensen and the project was pulled together by Lars Sunn Pedersen, both long-time Members of Sharkhunters.  Lars invited Sharkhunters President Harry Cooper to Denmark to look at the treasure trove of historic information and artifacts removed from the boat.  Let us hasten to mention that there were no bodies on board, so there was not the problem of a war grave.  Lars gave Harry his apartment for the week and all the Sharkhunters Members in this section of Denmark went out of their way to make his stay in their country memorable - and the history is amazing!

Naturally, there were other items of historical interest above and below the water as seen here.

WW II Luftwaffe                  Prop. from a downed Me-110                     Aage's boat, a
Hangar and Ramp,                                                                                former Danish Navy
with the sign that                                                                                      patrol boat.
says 'Sharkhunters Welcome!'

Actually, the sign (in Danish) said to keep out, but we all know that means "Sharkhunters Welcome Here!"

Below, we meet the Sharkhunters Members.  No, they do not have an odd skin condition; the light was strange for the photo shoot.  It was better the next day when Danish television did an interview with Harry for release on international television.

Lars Sunn Pedersen, 1st Member in Denmark                   Harry Cooper
     Sharkhunters President Harry Cooper                             Aage Jensen - the diver who found a LOT
          Aage Jensen - the diver who found U-534                     Stig Thoresson - television producer

What was found on U-534?  It was not just a few cases of wine and some condoms as the press said.

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