SHARKHUNTERS International
Northern Patrol 2012
Tuesday 28 August

Today we visit U-995, the only Type VII-C left in existence and this was the boat of our great friend HANS-GEORG HESS (125-1985).  But first, we stop on the Autobahn for breakfast.  Most of the restaurants along the Autobahn are clean, modern with great food at decent prices.  For some reason however, they don't like photos being taken of their facilities.

Great selection   TROY and CHARLIE contemplate   Inside or outside?

Using the iPad GPS of Colonel CAL DELAPLAIN(1002-1989) rather than maps, we arrived quickly and without incident.

As we round the corner, there she is coming out of the morning mists and we go on board


The sharp 'Atlantic Bow'   The saddle tanks, distinctive of the Type VII boats

ERWIN BURDT (1328-1989) served aboard the Type VII-C boat


U-733 in the electric motor room and he tells us about that time


Looking aft from the e-machineraun into the after torpedo room.

The stern tube (Tube V) on all Type VII variants fired beneath the waterline between the props and rudders - EXCEPT the ten Type VII-A boats which had Tube V above the waterline.

We now move forward from the e-machine room into the diesel room

(Backbord) Portside diesel   (Steuerbord) Starboard side diesel
ERWIN explains the diesels to PAUL   The air compressor forward of the portside diesel

The crew of a Type VII-C boat usually consisted of four officers and men totaling between 44 and 54 men who had to be fed.  'Smutje' (the cook) had to cook all the meals on this three-burner electric stove.


ERWIN tells us how it was, "hot bunking" in the boats.  That means there were two men assigned to each bunk.  When one was on duty, the other had the bunk.  In most cases, the bunks quickly got soaked with the sweat and smell of each man combined with the dampness of the boat and the salt water that came into the boat when the hatches were open.  It certainly was not a five-star hotel!


We move forward into the Zentralle


- the central control room

    the gyrocompass on the aft side of the periscope shears
the navigator's area was portside   the diving planesmen sat side by side on the leather
bench in the foreground facing outward to starboard
in the funkraum (radio room)   above and both below - ERWIN explains the bow room to CHARLIE

From U-995 we cross the street to the Marine Ehrenmal - the Navy Memorial

The Memorial building towers high above the Baltic   one of the props from PRINZ EUGEN

LEFT - the Memorial to the 3,505 Americans who perished aboard U.S. Navy submarines
     MARTIN SCHAEFFER (189-1986) was instrumental in placing this plaque here
CENTER - in Memory of the German Navy men who perished in World War One
RIGHT - in Memory of the German Navy men who perished in World War Two

the ship's bell from ADMIRAL HIPPER   the passageway to the Memorial Chamber

Our host at the Marine Ehrenmal (Navy Memorial) was WOLDEMAR TRIEBEL (197-1986), known to his friends as 'BOBBY'.  Here he takes the time to pose with some of our group high atop the Memorial.

HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983)   Colonel CAL DELAPLAIN (1002-1989)
TROY STROTHER (7255-2007)   Doctor CHARLES ELLIS (7324-LIFE-2008)

As already stated, we are a LONG WAY up in the sky atop the Marine Ehrenmal (German Navy Memorial).  It is a beautiful tribute to the men of the German Navy who perished in two World Wars.


WOLDEMAR TRIEBEL (BOBBY) was I.W.O. (Executive Officer) aboard U-978 under GÜNTHER PULST (330-1987) until the end of the war.

It's time for lunch at the Seeterrassen then we drive on to the U-Bootehrenmal as you see here.

As we arrive we note that the big eagle is missing from the pillar.
It was bronze covered iron and the salt air was damaging it, so
it is being replaced by a solid bronze eagle.
  Ships transiting the Kiel Kanal dip their ensigns
in respect as they pass the Memorial.
"To the Memorial Chamber"   "In memory of the fallen submariners of the German Navy"

At the entrance to the Memorial Chamber we see many wreaths of remembrance, placed there by loved ones of the U-Bootfahrer who did not return.

In the Memorial Chamber.........


.....there is a Memorial bronze with the number of each U-Boat lost in each World War.  The name of the Skipper is on each plaque whether he was lost or not - then there are the names of each man who was killed in action.  There are about 30,000 names on these plaques as about one man in seven came home - the other six of seven were killed in action.  This is the worst attrition rate of any military force ever in history yet these men still went to sea, did their duty without deserting - and died for their country.  MARK LENZ (1728-1991) pauses here for reflection.

As we depart the Memorial Chamber............


.....we pass even more wreaths remembering the fallen U-Bootfahrer.

From the left -
     ERWIN BURDT (1328-1989)
     HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983)
     PAUL KEMP (5400-1997)


No public funds maintain this Memorial - it all comes from donations.  This day Sharkhunters gave another €200 (about $300) to the Memorial, which brings to total so far to about $7,000 Sharkhunters has donated to this beautiful Memorial.  10% of all the money Sharkhunters receives from the sale of our hand-signed fine art prints is donated to the U-Boot Ehrenmal.

Tomorrow we head for Wewelsburg Castle, taken over by Heinrich Himmler to be used for training his new SS officers.  Click below and come with us.