You KNEW we were going back!
  Our recent expedition to Argentina and Chile was primarily to meet face to face the friends with whom we have been corresponding, and to see if there really was substance to these rumors.  There is great substance, and many more riddles that must be solved so we’re planning a return expedition to this area with Geiger counters, metal detectors, experts in various fields and we will spend more time on site, doing more research in Argentina and Chile, and filming it all.


We need your help!  All this takes money, so we need you to send what you can to help with our return expedition – your donations are tax deductible, so please think big - it is sorely needed!


You may send your check or send a note to charge your donation to your credit card.  Make your check out to Sharkhunters International Submarine Research Institute (or S.I.S.R.I. if you don’t like to write so much) and send it here.  This is a legally constituted 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization and you may deduct your donations from your taxes.  Check with your tax preparer on this.  Thanks in advance.

can help uncover history…..…..send your donation and be part of it!

Sharkhunters P. O. Box 1539      Hernando     Florida           34442 USA

If you donate anything, you will receive a commemorative Historic Coffee Mug;

Donate minimum of $100, you will receive a copy of the Expedition Report And a CD of all photos taken;

If you donate $500 or more, you will receive a print of USS BARB, hand-signed by RADM Fluckey.

The three highest donors will be invited to participate in this expedition!

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