SHARKHUNTERS International
2011 Southern Patrol
- Obersalzberg.

No joke - they had one tough storm.   We stopped for hot coffee and a snowball fight.
Great place to eat   Think we were kidding about the snow?

We have said all along that it is impossible to get a bad meal or a bad beer in Bavaria and Austria - and we have said that it is impossible to take a bad photo here either.

These photos prove this to be true.

Just one of the many castles we pass.....note the red, white,
red - those are the colors of Austria
  We are on a highway far up the mountain, looking down at
a quaint little village in the valley far, far below.

It sure was beautiful but soon we were in Berchtesgaden and onto the Obersalzberg.


Our first stop was to visit the fortified train tunnel where Hermann


Göring hid his train before his escape attempt.

    Originally built as a special reception area for Hitler and other special people arriving at the railway station, now a tourism office & book store.

Naturally we stop at the gravesite of Dietrich Eckart, the founder of the Party, the NSDAP.  The grave of Dr. Lammers and his family are in this cemetery as well.


As with many Bavarian villages and towns, Berchtesgaden has many beautiful murals on buildings all through the village.

  We then walk to the beautiful, ancient church right next to the palace. 

Once we checked in at the Hotel zum Türken, we began our tour of the area.

Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) Kaserne


Built in the early days of the Third Reich, this facility is still


home to the Gebirgsjäger troops of the new German Army.

the Gutshof
Gutsof means a large, successful farm and that is exactly what was built here on the Obersalzberg under orders of Martin Bormann.  Everything that reached the tables of the leaders of the Reich was grown here on the mountain - even honey.  After the war ended, this area was taken over by the U.S. Army and used for R&R.  The Gutsof became a golf course in the summer and a ski resort in the winter; and it still is today.


Gutsof, the farm built by Martin Bormann where all the food originated


that was consumed on the mountain.


Over the years since the end of the war, the Gutsof has been changed.  The Skytop Lodge where important people once stayed has been torn down and replaced by a putting green - they said it was unsafe.

Many of the rooms are blocked off, presumably for use of the caretakers but we may no longer explore the former cattle stalls or go into the attic.

There are rumors that more may be torn down - they say it is unsafe; to that we say BALONEY!  Sharkhunters Founder and President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) has been all through that facility.  It was built with massive, solid beams about two feet square, joined with elaborate tongue and groove and fastened with large pegs.  This place will stand for centuries - unless torn down before that.




                the Sentry Post
This is the very same sentry post where the guard from the 1st SS (the LAH) stood watch in the bitter cold of winter and the beauty of summer.

Fortunately, this history has not been destroyer - not yet........


The Historic Corner Room

In this room in our host hotel is the historic corner room where leaders of the Third Reich met for coffee in the inclement weather, otherwise they were at the outside patio.  This a central location inasmuch as Hitler's home was less than 100 meters to the left, Bormann's was just across the road and Göring's was about 150 meters up the hill.....not that Bormann and Göring would 'hang out' together - there was no love lost between those two.


Our next stop, on the way to our dinner that evening, were the


ruins of the 'Kampfhaus' where Hitler finished writing 'Mein Kampf'


Only the foundation remains, but some got a closer look


like USMC combat veteran BILL NAPIER (above)

EZIO MAIOLINI (below)..............and   RICH delFAVRO (below)

Finally we reach our dinner destination - the Hochlenzer, an


excellent restaurant high in the mountains - and a favorite place of Hitler.


This is an incredible place, especially at night.  After a great meal, a quiet drive back to the zum Türken, this is the view off the hotel balcony.  Get a good night sleep - we are on the march again tomorrow...........and why weren't YOU with us on this 'Patrol'?

Into Hitler's Bunker!

.....but first, we must take a moment to enjoy the view off the hotel balcony at sunrise.  That is a cloud caught far below us in the valley, and the village of Berchtesgaden is shrouded in that cloud at the bottom of that valley.  It sure is beautiful here.


We are on the march to


the escape door from Hitler's air raid bunker


Then we spend a couple hours inside the


bunker system beneath the zum Türken


These are the most complete and best preserved


bunkers in the entire area.

"Cable and fresh air shaft"   Looking straight up into one of the machine gun emplacements

Poor Thelma - she had to hold this 'cheesecake' pose for several minutes while we got our cameras working.  Thanks, Thelma.

With my imperfect German, this more or less states that behind this walled up door are the private rooms of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Dr. Morells and it goes to Hitler's house.

Hitler's house, the Berghof, has been completely removed by the Bavarian Government and they came through from the other side and built a brick wall at the property line so no one could continue beyond the property line of the zum Türken.  How thoughtful of them........

This old sign indicates the presence of electrical cables   Only God knows why, but some idiot soldier (we are told he was Belgian) fired a bazooka round through this wall from the other
side, causing this huge hole.  The place had been surrendered
and occupied by Allied forces, the German military had all been
taken to POW camps and there was no one left in here.  Maybe
he just wanted to have some fun and blow something up.

Up to the beautiful Kehlsteinhaus, better
known as the Eagle's Nest.  Join us.

Waiting for the bus up the mountain   ...........and away we go!
.....and waiting for the elevator - they get really excited if you
take photos here.  Guess they take that sign seriously...
  But this is worth the wait!  That is the village
of Berchtesgaden in the valley far below.
Outside on the rail looking all the way to Austria   In the inner passageway of the Eagles Nest
This early snow makes it all the more beautiful.

And why aren't YOU in these pictures?  Join us in 2012.

SID AUST (5438-2006) is a professional photographer and we will have some of his photos on these pages shortly, but here is what he said about the tour:
"I had a fantastic time........or I had a really good time; these are close.  most vivid memory - the Eagle's Nest is my favorite.  This was my second visit there.  I don't think I would ever tire looking down at all the beautiful scenery."

.....and now - Oktoberfest!
           Salzburg Style!

.....and right in the middle of the Palace Square - is Mozart!    

Doesn't look familiar?  That is because this is not München.  Sure, we went there as well, but we have a ton of photographs of the München Oktoberfest but this is a new addition to our Sharkhunters 'Southern Patrol' which we will do every year.

This is Salzburg, Austria and they have a great Oktoberfest - plenty to do, great food and beer, rides and music - and not so crowded as the world famous Oktoberfest in München.

Come on this 'Patrol' with us in 2012 and tell us which you like best.


SID AUST (5438-2006) in the grey jacket with right shoulder to the camera had this parting thought:
"I only wish more would have gone on the tour.  We will probably be the last patrol to visit some of the places we went to before they decay or fall down, and that's sad.  How will we ever learn from the past if everything is gone?  One needs that visual sight of a structure etc. to relate to history.  It's hard to look at a piece of dirt and hear someone say that this was a house or whatever, who lived here."

SID is absolutely correct.  As we look over this 'Patrol' report, we note many places that will be gone in the next few years and as SID says, this is a tragedy.

This is the end of the report of the 2011 'Southern Patrol' and we hope you enjoyed all the photographs and descriptions; and we hope to see you with us in 2012.

ED GABRIELSON (4872-LIFE-1996) - his wife Thelma had these final words;
"The Patrol was awesome.  Meeting the people of Germany and Austria, to include meeting MICHAEL KAISER (6166-LIFE-2000) and INGRID SCHARFENBERG (3308-A/LIFE1993), seeing the historical sites and the countryside, visiting history pastand present day events were all ten times better than touring Germany on our own as we had done in the past.  Information abounded from every direction.  The tour was well worth our time and money."

A special THANK YOU goes to RICH delFAVRO (1495-LIFE-1990) for all his help on this 'Patrol'.  He received the award with document of the Corkscrew Voyage with Oak Leaf attachment.  If you were there, you understand.  RICH is a great guy and was a huge help on this tour.

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