SHARKHUNTERS International
Southern Patrol 2012

.....we travel to a "Rock in the middle of the North Sea" - Heligoland!

Once this was a busy center for the Kriegsmarine, today a tourist attraction - but there are reminders of the war years all around.


We arrive windswept Cuxhaven in the grey dawn


and go straight to the ferry harbor (Fährhafen)

Our ferry is a really pretty big ship   We board - hundreds of passengers on this ship

Some have said that the North Sea can be rather blustery.......


.....they weren't kidding!

Our ship comes inside the sandy spit that marks the harbor   the lighters come alongside to take us ashore
They really pack these lighters tight with passengers   A last look at our ship and we begin to enjoy Heligoland

Once a busy Kriegsmarine facility, now a thriving tourist attraction.

For some reason, the wives all love these 'street signs'



We make our way to the very top of the island - it's time to eat and


we find a nice restaurant - the lobster was great!

Remnants of the war years?   Looks pretty solid

The 'locals' don't seem to care as some Sharkhunters walk


past - in fact, they don't mind us at all.

STOP!  Look what we spotted a long way down   We look with the long lens at this entrance
Once an anti-aircraft gun position   now a scenic overlook

This island appears to be honeycombed with bunkers and tunnels - we spotted these from high on the upper rim of the island.


All too soon our day on the island comes to a close


Our ship is waiting and soon we see

 the last

 of Heligoland as the sun is setting behind the island

We stopped at a very unusual memorial.  During the time of Charlemagne, he had thousands of ethnic Germans put to death.  Under orders of Adolf Hitler, this Memorial to the slain men was erected and it had benefits to all.  Hitler's plan of the memorial park was to have a winding path, rimmed with large stones.  There was to be one large stone for each man executed and the orders went to farmers to dig large stones out of their fields for this project.  The memories of the slain men benefited with the Memorial; the Third Reich benefited as they built another Memorial and the farmers benefited because the RAD (Reich Arbeitsdienst) took away the stones leaving them more land to farm.  It was a win-win situation.


As we see here on the overlay, this was a very large park/Memorial, covering many acres of land.  There were several viewing places along the route for high ranking men of the Reich, naturally including one for Adolf Hitler.


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