During our first evening in Austria, we enjoyed a great dinner in the centuries-old Landskron Castle where the Polezeichor sang for us throughout the evening.


We visited the massive Italian war memorial at Redipuglia; a memorial to the hundred thousand or more Italian soldiers who lost their lives here in a major battle with the Austrian Army in World War II.  A young Leutnant Erwin Rommel was a platoon leader during this battle and was awarded the Pour le Merit (the Blue Max) for his bravery.  Here are hundreds of cannons, machine guns etc. from that era and the trenches are still here, and we were in them.


We passed the beautiful Adriatic Sea on our way to Miramare, the castle so loved by Emperor Maximillian.  He lived there until he departed for his 'Empire' in Mexico right from the dock at Miramare. only to be defeated and killed in Mexico.



All things considered, Maximillian would have been better off if he had stayed at home.

We spent one morning in a shooting gallery, shooting against each other, against our Austrian friends, but mostly just for fun.  We shot for scores on the Luftgewehr, the Armbrust (cross bow), the 9mm Glock pistol and the tried and true K-98 of the German Army.
Outside (photo left) by the world's biggest operating Armbrust (crossbow) and then inside (photo right) as we prepare to begin firing.

                                The K-98 was a very impressive weapon!



Then we go to the black powder muzzle loader.....

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