Grab your Skipper's cap and sign on aboard - you'll love these scenes!




Couldn't you see yourself with our Sharkhunters group here?  Time to sign aboard!


Photos below - we are entertained by Enrico Costa and his songs - superb!

More photos of our Members and the veterans having a wonderful time on the boat.

     Chris Banda shows off his U-Boat leathers          The veteran in the hat was Waffen SS and
           to an appreciative veteran.                        he proudly showed his ring to us.


On the left is U.S. Navy Submarine vet Dieter Rosellen            U-Boat veteran and Member
with his father (right) Rolf Rosellen, German U-Boat veteran       Erwin Burdt lets his mind
                                                                                                go back to another time.






Why are we getting off the boat?  It is lunch time at the yacht club.  The food was great and the fellowship was superb!




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