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To reach this plateau, we must move northward along Portuguese Beach (marked in yellow on this chart), then move inland in a southwesterly direction toward the plateau (marked in red on the chart).  What we believe to be the grave marker is indicated by the blue "X".


This cross stands where the original cemetery had once been.  It is a long way from the front deck of the visitor's facility - and there are two deep ravines between us and it - but we must go there.


Here is another look at the cross through a telescopic lens.



Portuguese Beach - 1939 photograph.  According to reports from S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO, a German sailor was killed on this beach accidentally in July 1945.  That is two months AFTER the German capitulation!  In this report, PIZZARRO said that the sailor was buried just inland from the beach.  We found a large rock, about two meters tall, and in fading white paint there was a large "7" and below that a large "17".  His memorial?


Above Portuguese Beach - 2009 photograph.


  This photograph, taken in October 2009, shows the plateau as it is today.  There are slight changes in the topography because, over the decades, a few rather severe storms ravaged the island.  In most places here, there is a thin layer of soil on top of solid rock so during the really severe storms, some of the ground was washed away.  There once was a small cemetery on this plateau but it, like any traces of the foundations of the radio station and tower were washed away.

There now is a large white cross on the site where the cemetery once was, but the cemetery, the graves - and any traces of the radio facility have been washed away.  Still, the 1939 photographs which were supplied by S.E.I.G. Agent PIZZARRO, prove without a doubt that the radio facility was here, on this plateau, in 1939.

As we walk along Portuguese Beach prior to beginning our climb we pass


the remains of an old shipwreck as our LST ADMIRAL SABOIA

cruises offshore.  No, this was not one of the shipwrecks indicated on the


chart nor was it a wartime wreck.  We are told by the Brazilian Navy

that sometime in the 1960's the crew of a Chinese freighter was angry at


their cook - it is said that he was feeding them terrible the

crew just murdered the cook, threw his body overboard, seized the ship


and ran it aground here, then begged asylum.


We are now a few hundred meters up from Portuguese Beach.


Since the goats were removed from the island in 2005, the grass has made a great comeback, but at every step, the thick sawgrass tugs at your feet and the ground underneath is like marbles.

Climbing higher and higher in the blazing sunshine.   I lay down in a small patch of shade and gulped more water.

From here we see what the sailors here call "Flag Peak" because a huge Flag of Brazil is always flying there.  It is far to the south of our position.

  We are now far up the plateau as we note that ADMIRAL SABOIA has moved closer inshore.  We are now several hundred meters in the sky.

Now very high up the plateau and if you look closely, you will see the HQ


facility far below us - and two valleys away.


It is necessary to traverse higher above than the cemetery.


These are full size buildings far below us from an almost vertical drop.



From these rocks that mark the approximate position of the cemetery it is necessary to transit downward toward the rock that marks the grave of the German sailor killed in an accident in July 1945.

  Looking at the cross from this angle, the plateau where the radio station once stood is quite obvious.

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These following photographs were shot by the Sarge who spend an entire day climbing up, over and around the North Plateau where the radio station and the 80 meter (260 feet) tall antenna mast to show what this area looks today.


Above and below


 were shot from a high meadow.


Photos below shot from


 atop the North Plateau.


This silent sentinel stands quiet


 watch over this stark landscape.


As you look over these photos, let your imagination wander............who walked here seven decades ago?  What was their job?  Who did they talk to over this radio?  Let your imagination wander even more - where did they come from?  Who were their parents?  Their sisters?  Brothers?  What was their training?  What was their mission?  At this moment we do not have these answers......but we are looking and you know that if anyone can find these answers, it will be Sharkhunters.

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