Thanks to Erik Krogh (6873-2004) for this tour of the only Type VII-C left in the world.

Now we tour inside this beautiful Type VII-C and we enter starboard side aft, into the after torpedo room.

           We look to our left as we enter the after               This sign informs us that we are in the
          torpedoroom and we see the lone stern tube            after torpedo room and points to it in
           that is standard on the Type VII boats.                  the diagram.

 We're standing at the after end of the emachineraum            The engine telegraph lets the operator know
 (electric motor room) looking forward.  The big 2,800            the speed the Skipper wants on either the
  hp M.A.N. diesels are through the next hatch.                           diesels or the electric motors.

      We are in the forward hatch of the                                       Another engine telegraph.
   emachineraum looking forward into the
         dieselraum, at the big diesels.

          Looking forward into the galley.                    In the galley looking at the portside.  The cook, or 'Smutje' 
                                                                                as he was known, had to cook several meals each day for
                                                                                some four dozen men on this three burner electric stove!

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