Thanks to Erik Krogh (6873-2004) for this tour of the only Type VII-C left in the world.

Looking forward into the Petty Officer's bunkroom                   In the Zentralle (Central Control Room)
                                                                                                The "Sky" periscope is at left of photo

            "der Seerohr" - strict translation is                           Looking forward from the Zentralle - Captain's
               "the looking pipe".  We know it                               bunk is portside.  The doors to starboard are
                    better as the periscope                                      the sound room and the radio room.

         The Skipper's quarters - pretty Spartan!                           The bowroom - forward torpedo room.


Two views - one close up and the other wide angle, of U-995 as taken by Erik Krogh from atop the Marine Ehrenmal (Navy Memorial).

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