SHARKHUNTERS proudly announces our Board of Advisors:
These are the Members who guide us forward in preserving submarine history:

     Günther Heinrich             Wayne Pickels               

WAYNE PICKELS, Member #768-1988, serving until 2004
     Wayne was in the original group of eight men who tumbled down the hatch of U-505 to capture that boat.  
     He was decorated with the Silver Star.

BOB PANAZZE, Member #457-1988, serving until 2005
     Bob is a sincere historian.

Captain PETER CHELEMEDOS, Member #3619-1994, serving until 2005
     Peter was a Merchant Marine officer and Skipper - sunk in the Atlantic by a German U-boat then in the 
     Pacific by a Japanese I-Boat.

Major LOU MARI, Member #546-1988, serving until 2006
     Combat veteran of the Vietnam war - a Green Beret major.

Oberleutnant zur See PETER HANSEN, Member #251-LIFE-1987, serving until 2006
     Officially, Peter was an Oberleutnant in the U-Bootwaffe but in reality, he was a highly placed Abwehr 
     agent with a great amount of knowledge of the 'spook' world in World War II.  He reveals more and more 
     of this shadow world in each issue of our KTB Magazine.

DETLEV ZIMMERMANN, Member #247-LIFE-1987, serving until 2007
     Detlev was a diving planesman on U-315 through the end of the war.

BRIAN ORLANDO, Member #807-1988, serving until 2007
     Diver, historian, one of our researchers.

JOE BURGES, Member #605-A/LIFE-1988, serving until 2008
     A transplanted Brit, Joe served aboard USS BLOWER.

EMILIE CALDWELL STEWART, Member #2480-1992, serving until 2008
     Emilie is a world-renowned historian and her book "Signatures of the Third Reich" is one of the definitive 
     works on autographs of these people.  Emilie is also our first female Board Member.

BILL OLSEN, Member #2431-LIFE-1992, serving until 2009
     Bill is an avid historian and hard-working Member.

Major RICHARD SMITH, Member #1213-LIFE-1989, serving until 2009
     Dick is a former professional airline pilot, international auto racer and avid historian.

Oberleutnant zur See GÜNTHER HEINRICH, Member #1945-LIFE-1991, serving until 2010
     'Heini' as he likes to be called, was Skipper of U-960, the very last U-boat to make it through the 'Gates 
    of Hell
' (Straits of Gibraltar) in WW II.  He told us how he did it, and it was in our KTB Magazine.

MYRON BLAHY, Member #5432-C-1997, serving until 2010
     Myron is an avid historian and hard worker.

WILLIAM NAPIER, Member #2290-C/LIFE-1992, serving until 2010
     Bill is a Marine Corps Sergeant with two combat tours in Vietnam

JOHN BUCK, Member #3884-LIFE-1994, serving until 2011
     John is an avid historian, and worked tirelessly for weeks at 'Ground Zero' in Manhattan.

     Maßmann                     Dietrich

Captain 'HAI' MASSMANN, Member #4522-LIFE-1995, serving until 2011
     Skipper of U-409 through the war.

TILMAN HESS, Member #5817-LIFE-1999, serving until 2011
     Son of the youngest combat submarine Skipper of World War II, Tilman is an accomplished attorney.

JOHN ZARO, Member #5480-1998, serving until 2012
     Historian, re-enactor

C. J. CHRIST, Member #47-1984, Serving until 2012
     World renowned historian

GERHARD DIETRICH, Member #5923-LIFE-1999, Serving until 2013
     Cannoneer with von Mannstein through the Crimea

DAVID MOBLEY, Member #417-LIFE-1987, Serving until 2013
     Former Deputy Sheriff, now City Manager

DAVID SAVADYGA, Member #1020-LIFE-1989, Serving until 2013
     Extremely dedicated Member of Sharkhunters


Past Advisors
These Members served SHARKHUNTERS as advisors during their term and are still called upon for advice.

Hans-Georg Hess       Edward L. Beach          Otto Kretschmer             Eugene Fluckey

JOHN KAMMERER, Member #653-LIFE-1988, served until 1989
     He rode USS BARB, SSN 596.

Captain ROBERT THEW, Member #333-+-1987, served until 1990
     Bob was with Naval Intelligence then into NSA, America's most secret 'spook' outfit.  He gave us some 
     great stories before he began his 'Eternal Patrol'.

JOHN RYAN, Member #401-+-1987, served until 1990
     John served the navy in Vietnam, blowing up downed American aircraft for the enemy could not get them.

Oberleutnant zur See HANS-GEORG HESS, Member #125-LIFE-1985, served until 1991
     Hess took command of U-995 just past his 21st birthday, thus becoming the Youngest Combat Submarine 
of World War II - any navy.  He brought his submarine and his men back from five successful war 
     patrols at a time when 9 out of 10 German U-boats were lost on their first patrol.  He was decorated with 
     the Knights Cross and the Combat Submarine Badge and today is a Doctor of Law.

Professor ZEL EATON, Member #55-LIFE-1984, served until 1992
     Zel was a 'spook' during the war, and still won't talk about it.

EDWARD RUMPF, Member #179-C-1986, served until 1993
     Eddie is fascinated with the U-boats that patrolled in the Arctic sea, and is one of the world's experts on 
     this phase of World War II.

BUD DANA, Member #245-A/LIFE-1987, served until 1994
     Without question, Bud is the world's leading expert on the tunnels and bunkers built by the Germans all 
     over Europe and parts of Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere.  He served in the U. S. Navy.

Dr. WARREN BROWN, Member #265-A-1987, served until 1995
     Doc Brown was a US Navy doctor.

JUDE STACKPOLE PhD, Member #1334-+-1990,
     Jude was tracking the story of the Triton (U-Boat) code that was either given or sold to the Brits when he 
     was tragically killed at the age of only 57.

ART AYDELOTTE, Member #787-LIFE-1988, served until 1997
     U. S. Navy veteran, semi-professional historian

BILL CUSTER, Member #1764-A/LIFE-1991, served until 1997
     Bill is a computer genius, formerly with IBM and served in U.S. Air Force Intelligence

Captain EDWARD L. BEACH, Member #1163-LIFE-1989, served until 1998
     Captain Beach was a submarine officer during much of World War II, was Skipper of USS PIPER at the 
     end, took USS TRITON around the world for the first UNDERWATER circumnavigation, was decorated 
     with the Navy Cross, and is an accomplished author - his most famous book is 'Run Silent, Run Deep'

Fleet Admiral VLADIMIR CHERNAVIN, Member #2240-1992, served until 1998
     Admiral Chernavin was the last Chief of Operations for the Soviet Navy.  He is decorated with many awards including Hero of the Soviet Union and the 32 Point Brilliant Star.

JAMES KLINE, Member #300-A/LIFE-1987, served until 1999
     World traveler and historian

GERHARD RICHTER, Member #214-LIFE-1986, served until 1999
     Gerry helped set up the radio station at Lorient, then was radioman on U-81 when they sank the aircraft 
     carrier HMS ARK ROYAL and damaged the battleship HMS MALAYA, then was Skipper of his own
     one-man submarine at the end of the war.

Master Chief CHRIS WILLS, Member #1935-A/LIFE-1991, served until 2000
     One of the top CPOs in the US Coast Guard today.

Rear Admiral EUGENE FLUCKEY, Member #2169-LIFE-1992, served until 2000
     Skipper of USS BARB, described as one of the U. S. Navy's first 'hot rod' submarine Skippers, he was
     known as the 'Galloping Ghost of the China Coast'.  Decorated with the Congressional Medal of Honor,
     four Navy Crosses and too many more awards and decorations to remember, Fluckey became the Most
    Highly Decorated American submariner - ever in history!

Flotillen Admiral OTTO KRETSCHMER, Member #122-+-1985,
     Known as 'Silent Otto' because of his refusal to make propaganda speeches, he commanded U-23 and
     later U-99, to become the Most Successful submarine Skipper of any navy in WW II and maintained the
     same average tonnage sunk per day on patrol as the most successful of all time, Lothar von Arnaud de la
     Perrier of World War I.  Kretschmer was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaf and Crossed Swords;
     the U-Boat Combat Badge in Gold with Diamonds and many other decorations.  He was a fine man, but a
     tragic accident cut his life short in 1998 - he would have served until 2001.

MARC COHEN, Member #166-A/LIFE-1986, served until 2001
     Serious historian and re-enactor of the Kriegsmarine, served in the U.S. Navy SeaBees.

Gerd Thäter                         Herbert Werner

Fregattenkapitän GERD THÄTER, Member #194-LIFE-1986, serving until 2002
     Gerd was commander of U-466 & later of U-3506. He was one of a handful to go through the 'Gates of 
. the Straits of Gibraltar, twice!  He was decorated with the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold.  He began
        his "Eternal Patrol" in 2004.

Professor TOM MACKIN, Member #146-A-1985, serving until 2002
     Tom is a bandmaster who had his band perform the stirring 'Kretschmer March' for the first time since 
     the end of World War II.  It is forbidden in Germany.

EDDIE PHILLIPS, Member #220-A/LIFE-1986, serving until 2003
     Eddie is an adventurer and professional salvage diver.

Oberleutnant zur See HERBERT WERNER, Member #18-C-1983, serving until 2003
     Herbert was a U-boat Skipper throughout World War II - and he wrote "Iron Coffins".

Admiral FRANK KELSO, Member #2919-1993, serving until 2004
     Admiral Kelso is formerly Chief of Naval Operations.