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SHARKHUNTERS is pleased and proud to present these wartime books for your enjoyment.

"When Eagles Soared!"  (Volume II)
                   (BRAND NEW January 2014)

This is an entirely new book with many new stories and photos; many never before seen.

This book contains first-person memories of Luftwaffe pilots, American pilots, Japanese pilots, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy pilots alike - fliers of many nations are included here as well as some technical insights into the planes, the powerplants and the weaponry they carried.................These were the men (and women) who blazed this history with their deeds and exploits that will never be equaled.

.......and the first person memories of a Luftwaffe officer who saw Adolf Hitler board a long range transport at a remote airstrip several days AFTER the reported suicide!

In this book you will read more personal memories and:
* The "Ramjägers"
     * German Bombs
          * the Heinkel HE 111
               * General Chuck Yaeger remembers the WASP
                    * Yamamoto Kill Mission
     * SWAMP FOX & BUZZ BUGGY in Combat
          * WOLFGANG SPÄTE and his Me 163 Rocket Fighter
               * GERHARD KREMS landed in a Russian field to rescue friends
                    * Deanie Parish - WASP
* Col. BOB MORGAN and the Memphis Bell
     * Hans Seyringer, rookie pilot
          * Aviation Fuel Wars
               * the Me 109-K
                    * Attacks against the USA
* Very Special Luftwaffe Weapons
     * End of U-654
          * ETHYL FINLEY - WASP
               * Luftwaffe Organization
                    * 1st Rescue from Enemy Action
* more Luftwaffe memories from GEORG von ZIRK
     * Ed Giller, P-51 Pilot
          * Today Red - Tomorrow Dead
               * German Secret Weapons
                    * "Inferior" Russian Pilots


"When Eagles Soared!" (volume II) is softbound, contains 212 pages and more than 120 photos

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