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SHARKHUNTERS is pleased and proud to present these wartime books for your enjoyment.

"When Eagles Soared!"  (Volume I)
                   (BRAND NEW September 2010)

This is an entirely new book with many new stories and photos; many never before seen.

They were the "Golden Knights" of the skies in World War Two.  They slipped the chains of gravity and soared high above the earth on wings of steel.  Some returned covered with glory - some did not return at all.

This book contains first-person memories of Luftwaffe pilots, American pilots, Japanese pilots, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy pilots alike - fliers of many nations are included here as well as some technical insights into the planes, the powerplants and the weaponry carried.

In this book you will read about:          FOO FIGHTERS          FLYING COMBAT WITH THE LUFTWAFFE
    ERICH HARTMANN          FRITZ X          the GALLAND BROTHERS          the WALRUS (really funny!)
         FLYING PIGS IN INDIA          AICHI M6A          the P-40 and other planes          CONVOY PQ.18  
     THREE ESCAPES FROM THE COMMUNISTS          IVAN KOZHEDUB          and much more.

Strap on your parachute and helmet, pull down your goggles and jump into your P-38, your Me 109, your La 5 or whatever is your favorite warbird and fly along with us on this patrol back into military aviation history...........and memories.


"When Eagles Soared!" (volume I) is softbound, contains 206 pages and 99 photos

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