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SHARKHUNTERS is pleased and proud to present these wartime books for your enjoyment.

"Rare U-Boat Types"


No one can claim they are a real researcher or interested in the history of the U-Bootwaffe without knowing about these boats:

Chapter 1 - Type I-A

Chapter 2 - Type II-A

Chapter 3 - Type II-B

Chapter 4 - Type II-C

Chapter 5 - Type II-D

Chapter 6 - Type III

Chapter 7 - Type IV, Type V, Type VI and Type VIII

Chapter 8 - Type X-A

Chapter 9 - Type X-B

Chapter 10 - Type XI

Chapter 11 - Type XII and Type XIII

Chapter 12 - Type XIV

Chapter 13 - Type XV

Chapter 14 - Type XVI

Chapter 15 - Experimental VB.60

Chapter 16 - Experimental VB.80

Chapter 17 - Experimental U-791

Chapter 18 - Type XVII-A

Chapter 19 - Deschimag Project

Chapter 20 - Type XVII-B

Chapter 21 - Type XVII-B2 and XVII-B3

Chapter 22 - Type XVII-E

Chapter 23 - Type XVII-G

Chapter 24 - Type XVII-K

Chapter 25 - Type XVIII

Chapter 26 - Type XIX

Chapter 27 - Type XX

Chapter 28 - Really rare designs

This book is softbound, contains 264 pages and hundreds of photos, emblems, diagrams - even a page of the cargo manifest of U-234 showing the 560 kilos of uranium they were carrying to Japan in the closing moments of the Reich.


Only $25 (Special to Members; ONLY $20)   
                                                                    (plus $6 shipping in the USA)


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