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HOT!  Audio CDs!

Sharkhunters is pleased to announce our line of audio CDs.  You'll love 'em!

Only $15 (plus $3 shipping) each.  Here they are:

ACD-2         Music of the U-Bootwaffe
          The music on ACD-2 is all from 78 rpm records found on board U-505.
          Includes 'Denn Wir Fahren Gegen Engelland' and 'Wir Zin Komeraden auf See'
ACD-3         Music of the Wehrmacht, mostly U-Bootwaffe
ACD-4         Italian naval music
          Stirring Italian Navy music and the Italian National Anthem
ACD-5         Music of the Luftwaffe (part I)
ACD-6         German music of the war years
ACD-7         Russian Naval and folk music
ACD-8         Music of the Luftwaffe (part II)
ACD-9         German military music, mostly Kriegsmarine
ACD-10       Very funny U.S. Air Force Songs
          Includes 'Save a Fighter Pilot's Ass', 'Barnacle Bill the Pilot' and 'Wreck of Old 97'.
ACD-11        Japanese Navy music
          Very stirring music including 'Gochin!' and the Japanese Submarine Song.
ACD-12        Interview with Erich Topp (Skipper U-57, U-552 and U-2513)
          Topp talks about his career as a U-Boat Skipper
ACD-13        Interview with Bob Maher (USS BORIE)
          Maher tells of the battle between USS BORIE and U-405; both ships lost
ACD-14        Olde sea chanties with Lale Andersen and 'Lili Marlen'
          Includes the original Danish radio broadcast of Lale Andersen singing 'Lili Marlen' for the first time
ACD-15        WASP Tales (Part I)  Women's Airforce Service Pilots
ACD-16        WASP Tales (Part II)  Women's Airforce Service Pilots
          The WASP were women pilots who flew every kind of American plane.  Here they tell their stories
ACD-17        Interview with Otto Giese (U-405 and U-181)
          Giese tells of his training then combat aboard U-405 and U-181
ACD-18        Interview with Horst Degen I (Skipper U-701)
ACD-19        Interview with Horst Degen II (Skipper U-701)
          Degen tells of his patrols off the American coast, his sinking and rescue there
ACD-20        Drums and Trumpets of the DDR Army Band
          Excellent Army Band of a nation that no longer exists - fanfares and trumpets
ACD-21        Austrian Folk Music (part I)
          Austrian folk music is unique - harmonious, melodic - unlike anything else
ACD-22        March Music of the DDR Army Band
          More stirring marches from the band that no longer exists

Here's the best part - they can be FREE!  That's right - FREE!  Don't you just love that word?  When Sharkhunters Members renew their annual dues on time, they may choose ANY one of these great audio CDs as their FREE gift.

Okay, since we are in the mood to give things away - when Sharkhunters Members of five or more years aboard renew their annual dues on time, we will ADD any videotape or DVD of their choice - also FREE!

Sharkhunters will even pay the shipping on the free CDs, DVDs & videotapes.  Now that's REALLY FREE!

This is an ongoing offer for Sharkhunters to recognize those long-term Members for their ongoing loyalty.....and they love these CDs, DVDs and videotapes.


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