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     Achilles                   Fehler                Baberg                Koitschka                   Dommes

Albrecht "Ajax" Achilles, Skipper of U-161, Knights Cross winner - KIA
Johann-Heinrich Fehler, Demolitions Officer on the raider ATLANTIS, Skipper of U-234 going to
     Japan with top-secret personnel and weapons - survived the war.
Kurt Baberg, Skipper of U-618, Deutsches Kreuz - survived the war, passed away in 2002.
Siegfried Koitschka, while I.W.O. aboard U-552, it was Koitschka who fired the torpedoes that sank
     the first American warship (USS REUBEN JAMES - in error) before the US was in the war.  He
     was Skipper of U-616, Knights Cross - survived the war, passed away in 2002.
Wilhelm Dommes, Skipper of U-431 and U-178, Knights Cross - survived the war.

    Hotel zum Türken        Riefenstahl               Oesten                 Rösing               Chandler

Hotel zum Türken is where Hitler's personal guard stayed when he was on the Obersalzberg.  It is the
     only building still standing on the Obersalzberg.
Leni Riefenstahl - Beautiful actress of the 1920's and later on, producer of some absolutely outstanding
     films, the best known is "Triumph of the Will" - she is living today.
Jürgen Oesten, Skipper of U-61, U-106 and U-861, Flotillenchef of the 9th U-Bootflottille,
     Knights Cross - living today.
Hans-Rudolf Rösing, Skipper of U-48, BdU Öst (Commander of the U-Boat Flotillas - West France),
     Knights Cross, Retired Konter Admiral of the Bundsmarine - living today.
George Chandler, P-38 fighter ACE, USAAF.  Was in the same squadron that shot down Admiral
     Isorukyu Yamamoto - living today.

    von Bülow                  Darges                     Beach                      Dönitz                  Cremer

Otto von Bülow, Skipper of U-404, Knights Cross with Oak Leaf - living today.
Standartenführer Fritz Darges, Colonel with the 5th Waffen
SS (Viking) Division
Captain Edward L. Beach, Submarine officer through World War II, Skipper of USS PIPER
     at end of war, Skipper of USS TRITON (first circumnavigation totally submerged, was
     Naval Attaché to President Eisenhower, Navy Cross, an accomplished author who best
     known work was "Run Silent, Run Deep!" - passed away 1 December 2002.
Großadmiral Karl Dönitz, Commander of submarines, then Commander of the entire Kriegsmarine,
     Knights Cross with Oak Leaf, wrote "Ten Years and Twenty Days" - passed away on
     Christmas Eve in 1980.
Peter-Erich Cremer, known as "Ali", Skipper of U-333, Knights Cross.  Word around the U-waffe
     said that it was batter to have "Ali" as a Skipper than life insurance - survived the war.

    Hoffmann                Maßmann                Thomsen                  Schnee           Emmermann

Hermann Hoffmann, I.W.O. on U-172 then Skipper on the last patrol - is living today.
Hanns-Ferdinand Maßmann, Skipper of U-409, nicknamed "Hai" (Shark) - is living today.
Rolf Thomsen, Skipper of U-1202 and Commander of the 11th U-Bootflottille in Bergen,
     Norway; Knights Cross with Oak Leaf, retired Flotillenadmiral of the Bundsmarine,
     passed away end of 2002.
Adalbert Schnee, I.W.O. on U-23 under Otto Kretschmer, then Skipper of U-60 and
, Knights Cross with Oak Leaf - survived the war.
Carl Emmermann, Skipper of U-172, Knights Cross with Oak Leaf - survived the war.

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