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  Key Largo 1987

Three Skippers, one Knights Cross Holder, eleven U-boat veterans were with us.

                    Europe 1988

We tour INSIDE the U-boat bunkers at Brest and Lorient, then we ride the overnight train to Germany.  During this time, we meet with more than 200 U-boat veterans, 18 Skippers, and many more.....many Knights Cross Holders, two with the Oak Leaf and one with the Crossed Swords!

  Charleston 1989

A dozen U-boat veterans participated as we toured Fast Attack boats and more.

                 South Africa 1990

We toured the Navy bases, the Air Force Bases, the Military Academy - we rode a diesel boat, flew an ASW mission on a DC-3 'Gooney Bird' and flew in a Super Frelon chopper.


     Europe and the Reunification 1990

We visited the U-boat bunkers on the French Atlantic coast and toured a French warship.  We took the overnight train to Germany and again met with dozens and dozens of veterans and saw great historical sites.....then we went to Berlin in East Germany and while we were there, we participated in the Reunification of Germany!  We capped this great tour with a visit to Austria where we were Guests of Honor of Dr. Jörg Haider, political leader in Austria and we met Kurt Waldheim.


1990 ROATAN (Honduras) - This was a dive trip for Sharkhunters Members.  We found ballast piles of Spanish ships sunk by Sir Henry Morgan.

1991 CHICAGO - A dozen U-boat veterans were there as well as the only living German spy who landed on the US coast from a U-boat, Erich Gimpel.

1992 CHICAGO - Many U-boat veterans were with us as we toured U-505 and USS SILVERSIDES.  They fired up the diesels on SILVERSIDES for us.

1992 RED CHINA - We visited cities and towns all over China, toured the Air Force Museum, various naval facilities, on board warships and were the guests of the Commanding Admiral of the East Sea Fleet.

1992 GERMANY - We visited Hamburg, Kiel, the German Navy Memorial, the U-Boat Memorial and U-995, the Advanced Submarine Training facility and the Naval Base Wilhelmshaven where we toured a warship.

1992 RUSSIA - This was the first time outsiders could visit the former Soviet Union and we were guests of the KGB and the Navy.  We toured St. Petersburg, Leningradski Naval Base, the Fortress Kronshtad, the Naval Academy, the War College and countless more places of great interest, never before seen by Westerners.  We flew on Fleet Admiral Chernavin's personal plane to the HQ of the Baltic Sea Fleet where we toured warships and ate in the officer's mess.  Then on to Moscow to visit the Admiralty and the ballte.

1993 CHICAGO - Otto Kretschmer was our Guest of Honor.

1994 CHICAGO - We bunked aboard USS SILVERSIDES.

1995 RUSSIA and UKRAINE - We toured St. Petersburg, Leningradski Naval Base, the Naval Academy, the Advanced Submarine Training School and we were the Guests of Honor aboard the cruiser SMOLNIY.  Then on to the Ukraine where we toured many Palaces, the Black Sea Fleet HQ and we were Guests of Honor at another reception aboard the guided missile cruiser KERTSCH.  We were in the "Valley of Death" from the British Crimean War, then we went on to Moscow where we toured the world's largest armor museum at Kubinka  - and RODE ON A T-34 THAT WAS IN THE BATTLE OF KURSK!  We toured the Aviation Museum at Monina.

1995 GERMANY - We visited with dozens of veterans, toured the Wilhelmshaven Naval Base, the Navy Memorial and U-995, then the U-boat Memorial.

1996 RUSSIA & UKRAINE - We again toured St. Petersburg, Leningradski Naval Base, the Naval Academy, the Advanced Submarine Training School and were hosted again aboard SMOLNY.  We toured the palaces Livadia and Vorontsov as well as the Swallow's Nest, then a gala reception aboard the heavy cruiser KERTSCH.  On to Moscow where we again toured the armor museum at Kubinka and the aviation museum at Monina - AND - we had a special tour of the top-secret Krunichev rocket assembly plant where MIR was built and where they build all the space rockets.......we saw them all!

1996 GERMANY - We visited the Navy Memorial, the U-boat Memorial and U-995 which is the only Type VII-C left in the world - and her Skipper was with us the entire time.  We visited many places and met with many veterans that only Sharkhunters can accomplish.

1997  KEY LARGO - A return to "Paradise", and many U-boat Skippers and veterans joined us.

1998 SAN FRANCISCO - Erich Topp, Skipper of U-57, U-552 and U-2513 was Guest of Honor.

1999 NORTH GERMANY - As always, a great many Skippers and veterans joined us, and we went places open only to Sharkhunters and their guests.

1999 San Francisco - Hans-Georg Hess was Guest of Honor.  He was Skipper of U-995, and the youngest combat Skipper of any navy in WW II and possibly of all time.

2000 DAYTONA - We toured the top secret submarine base at Kings Bay, toured through a nuclear ballistic missile submarine of the OHIO Class as well as a destroyer.  RADM Erich Topp, Skipper of U-552 was with us as was Siegfried Koitschka, Skipper of U-616.  Other honored guests included RADM Joseph Peck, destroyer Skipper of WW II; RADM Lev Davidovich Chernavin, the last ComSub of the Soviet Navy; Igor Kurdin, Skipper of a Russian DELTA IV missile submarine and many other distinguished guests.

2000 SOUTH GERMANY and AUSTRIA - Once again we toured this magical and beautiful area, and with many Skippers and veterans with us.  Once again, we were guests of Dr. Jörg Haider, political leader in Austria.  We met with many honored veterans of WW II and participated in the ceremonies.

2001 SOUTH GERMANY and AUSTRIA - A tremendous tour; check it out.

2001 NORTH GERMANY - This time, words just fail us.

2002 NORTH GERMANY - Once again, many veterans of the U-Bootwaffe joined us for our tour through northern Germany, and we visited some additional places than we did in previous years.

2003 South Germany and Austria - You just HAVE to check this one out - just fantastic!

2003 North Germany - Another tremendous time with friends and veterans here.  It was great!

2004..................sorry, the hurricanes torpedoed us!

2005 South Germany & Austria (with a little bit of Italy) - Superb!

2005 North Germany & Poland - We went places only dreamed about!

2006 South Germany & Austria - simply AWESOME!

2006 Berlin bunker "Patrol"

2007 South Germany & Austria - simply AWESOME!  The best ever!

2008 Summer Solstice - a trip back into the old ways.

2008 Southern "Patrol" - It just keeps getting better and better.

2008 Bunker "Patrol" - North Germany and Poland, Bunkers, bunkers and more Bunkers.

2009 Argentina Expedition - We visit evidence of the Third Reich in Argentina.

2009 Summer Solstice - another trip back to a time in history.

2009 Southern Redoubt "Patrol" - Where the leaders of the Reich were expected to make their last stand.

2010 Summer Solstice - History and folklore remembered.

2010 Southern Redoubt "Patrol" - We come again to this historic place.


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