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Only 5 U-Bootwaffe officers won this high award for bravery and valor -- only 2 were still alive to sign this print.  They were OTTO KRETSCHMER, commander of U-23 and U-99 and the most successful submarine commander of any Navy in World War II, sinking some four dozen ships; and ERICH TOPP, commander of U-57, U-552 and U-2513  who was the third most successful submarine commander in any country, sinking some three dozen ships...including the first American warship, USS REUBEN JAMES in error; TOPP believed it to be British.

Only 1,000 of these prints have been made, all have been hand-signed by both men.  This limited edition is destined to be a very rare print; ERICH TOPP said he would never again put his signature on anything with a swastika and he never did.  He did this time to help Sharkhunters continue to grow and to tell the honest story of a brave group of men.  OTTO KRETSCHMER was killed in a terrible accident in August 1998 and Erich Topp passed away in 2005.

Both men have departed on their "Eternal Patrol" - these prints are already quite rare.

Actual size of the prints is 11" x 17", just right for framing.  Each and every print has been hand-signed by both commanders.  Both served honorably in the Kriegsmarine, then later in the Bunds marine of the Federal German Republic.  The swastika is shown as part of this medal and has NO POLITICAL MEANING AT ALL.  Prints are individually numbered and ownership registered with Sharkhunters.

10% of all money from the sale of this print is donated to the German U-Boat Memorial and the German U-Boat Archive.

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