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There is no better image of U-99 under OTTO KRETSCHMER anywhere in the world!  This print by famed German artist Joachim Sachse shows the epic battle between U-99 and the two heavy armed merchant cruisers over the night of 3 and 4 November 1940.

When OTTO told us of this battle, he said that he had shot almost all his torpedoes into these ships and they would not sink, so he began his surface gun action.  In one lone U-boat with just a single 88mm deck gun, he attacked two heavily armed British ships in what should have been a battle favoring the cruisers.  Most submarine Skippers would have departed after the many torpedoes would not take these ships down - but KRETSCHMER was cut from a different cloth.  His duty was to sink these ships, and to OTTO, duty and honor were everything.

The colors in this print are so real you will hear the roar of the deck gun and smell the powder.  Many artists have said that the water is so real that you'll get wet.  When you order this print, you will also receive copies of the three logbook pages (in English) in which OTTO described this action.

This was the last print that OTTO KRETSCHMER signed before his tragic death and
there is only a handful of these rare prints left in stock.  When they are gone, there can be no more.  Print size is 18 x 24 inches.

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