This SS Soldier, Hans vonder Heide, saw intense combat from the D-Day beaches on the French coast into the Ukraine.  He speaks about how his unit got along with the American, British and Polish P.o.W.'s - it was not too surprising.

He tells why the German anti-tank efforts were ineffective against the Russian T-34 tanks.

He speaks, not very lovingly, about the Partisans and their sadistic brutality, such as slashing the throats of German prisoners, German soldiers with tin cans.

He reaffirms that the Waffen
SS had many divisions made up of many nationalities including French and British.

He explains that the Einzatz Groups were not intended to round up Jews or other ethnic groups, but rather to combat the brutal Partisans they encountered.

He tells the sad story of the fate of the Ukrainian prisoners when they were repatriated back to their native Ukraine.  Most never got more than a couple yards from the trains that brought them "home".

In less than two weeks time in combat, his machine gun company was reduced from 160 men to a mere handful of 15 soldiers!

He had nothing but scorn for the treatment of himself and other German prisoners after the war - by the Americans.  He is not the first German veteran we have heard make these remarks.

And on top of it all - he speaks of how the German Government of today makes life extremely difficult for anyone who says anything contrary to the accepted line.

This is a look at "the other side" in World War II and is a well-presented video.

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