Hot, new and very rare videotapes from the beautiful and talented Leni Riefenstahl, now available through SHARKHUNTERS!


These tapes are produced by and star Leni Riefenstahl, a remarkable lady!

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Tape H-110 "Das Blaue Licht" is the story of a gypsy girl who has a fortune in gems in a hidden cave in the mountains that creates an eerie blue glow atop a high mountain in the light of the full moon.  Leni is the gypsy girl.

Tape H-111  "S.O.S. ICEBERG!"  is the story of an arctic expedition that goes wrong.  Leni rushes in her own seaplane to find and rescue her husband, but crashes in the process.  Her make-up is never smudged as she and her husband wait in an ice cave to die - but famed Luftwaffe pilot Ernst Udet (played by Udet himself!) flies to the ice region and....well, you can guess how it ends.

Tape H-112  "Victory of Faith"  Re-emergence of German patriotism and pride before the war.

Tape H-113  "Olympia I"  is Leni's filming of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.

Tape H-114  "Day of Freedom"   is another patriotic German film.

Tape H-115  "Olympia II"  is the other half of Leni's filming of the Olympic games.

Tape H-116  "History of the Reich"  Excellent film - click the number for the full description.

Many other outstanding tapes are available as well, including:

Tape H-117  "Vlassov"  The Soviet officer who was captured and, under German agreement, formed an anti-Stalin army to re-enter the Soviet Union and overthrow the dictator.  The film tells how well he succeeded - or failed.

Tape H-118 "the Winter War" chronicles the attempted Soviet invasion of Finland.

Tape H-119 "Sharkhunters Patrol in Northern Germany 2003" naturally was not produced by or staring Leni Riefenstahl.  This is the chronicle of the wonderful time we have in northern Germany, Berlin and Poland - and sadly, our last meeting with Fregettankapitän Gerd Thäter.  This tape takes you into places that have been sealed since the end of World War II!

Tape H-120  "Vichy!"  Although we are told that France hated the Germans and wanted to be 'liberated', that is not entirely correct.  A very large part of France embraced the entrance of the Wehrmacht and the new French Government under Marshall Petain which was seated in Vichy, France.  They saw Charles deGaulle as a traitor and the American and British bombings as atrocities against France.

Tape H-121  "Interview with an
SS Soldier"  sheds some remarkable light on the Waffen SS, the 'Green Berets' of the German Army.  Some of his memories will shock you, especially of how the German P.O.W.'s were treated in American camps.

Tape H-122  "Tiefland"  is another of Leni's great films.  This one concerns a goatherd, a Spanish dancer and the marquis.  As you might imagine, Leni is the Spanish dancer and both men want her.  She is torn between them, spends a lot of time romancing with each.  They draw knives - they fight - one is killed.  Who lived and who died?  It's all on the tape.

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