Our Bunker "Patrol" in and around Berlin took us to places not open to the regular traveler.  You'll be amazed at the places we go.  Remember, "Eingang Verboten!" means "Sharkhunters Only Welcome Here!"

Because there are so many photos, this may take a few moments if you don't have a high speed connection.  Please be patient - you'll LOVE this "Patrol" report!  Comments are already coming in from those who were on this "Patrol".

Bill Reed is Member #13-1983, so he has been with Sharkhunters our entire life - he is a Charter Member.  Bill has been with us on several "Patrols" over the years, and here is what he says about this one:
"That was a great trip and I thank you for a good time."

Ray Nowak has been a Member since about 1989.  He and his son Michael were with us in Berlin, and he writes:
"Both 'Patrols' were great.  Berlin exceeded my expectations.  Thanks again.  Only those who go on a Sharkhunters "Patrol" can appreciate it.  It is very hard to explain to someone who was never on a "Patrol" exactly what it is like.....the people you meet, the places you go, what you see and what experience are indescribable.  They will live in your memory forever."

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