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       from 29 September through 11 October 2002

We meet important political leaders like Dr. Haider     We enjoy many dinners with countless veterans

München     Ingolstadt     Nürnberg     Dinkelsbühl     Salzburg    Klaggenfurt

There will be German and Austrian veterans of World War II joining us all along the way, and others will be with us on the bus the entire tour.  Our deluxe motor coach will take us through the Bavarian and Austrian countryside filled with magical sights and history.


We enjoy Oktoberfest with the veterans - we REALLY enjoy Oktoberfest!


In München, we enjoy the world famous Oktoberfest, the world's largest beer festival where annually, they consume some 5,000,000 liters of beer, 800,000 chickens and nearly 100 oxen roasted on the spit.  We ate and drank our share last year, and this year will be even more fun.  This is actually a giant state fair, dating back to 1810 which was actually a wedding ceremony and party for Prinz Ludwig (later King Ludwig I of Bavaria) and the Princess Therese from Sachsen-Hildburghausen.  It is right in the center of old München and the bands never stop playing, the party never quits and everyone has a great time!

               Obersalzburg and the Eagles Nest
This year we have added something new - two full days on the Obersalzberg!  We not only visit the hotel where Hitler's personal guard lived when he was on the mountain, we will stay in this historic hotel for two nights!  We will enjoy lunch there AND we go into the secret tunnels and bunkers that run beneath this hotel and connected with others coming from the homes of Hitler, Göring, Bormann and Speer.  We also visit the famed Eagles Nest high atop Kehlstein Mountain where the view of the Bavarian Alps is breathtaking!

We visit Ingolstadt - one of Europe's oldest, strongest citadels which was unsuccessfully stormed by troops of Gustaf Adolf.  We visit the Bavarian Army Museum and see the special ERICH TOPP room here and remember, there will always be German veterans with us at all times.

We visit other beautiful little Bavarian towns, such as:

        We stand atop this historic place                             We go into the old Reich Administration Building

We visit this very important city, which was the city of the Reichsparteitage;  site of the war crimes trials after the war;  and we visit the Germanin National Museum, the Reich Party Building and especially the Garrison Museum.  Naturally, we will spend some time at the place where the Party Rallies were held.  We enjoy a special evening with the German Veterans Group of Nürnberg!

Klagenfurt and Ulrichsbergfest!

In Klagenfurt, in southern Austria, there is an annual solemn ceremony atop the highest mountain as seen in this photograph, to honor all who served in World War II no matter what uniform he or she wore.  Imagine yourself atop the highest mountain in the area with the ruined cathedral and huge stone cross at the summit, you are standing in the midst of thousands of veterans and others in the clearing - the banners flying, the rifle shots in memory of those who did not return.  It is impossible to put this feeling into words, you just have to be there.  In this area,  SHARKHUNTERS groups are the guests of honor of Dr. Jörg Haider, the Landshauptmann of Kärnten and political leader in Austria.

We meet with many honored veterans of all branches of the services, far too many to list here.  Bring your camera or camcorder - the veterans are always happy to have their photo taken with you.  You'll meet men like them on this tour - come along.  In addition, we enjoy many afternoons and evenings with veterans all along the tour.  They are always happy to tell their stories and to sign your autographs.  There is so much more on this tour than we have room to write here, but it is always far more than one expects.

Your low tour price of only $1,899 per person includes:
          *   All transportation by deluxe motorcoach;
          *   All hotels and accommodations;
          *   All entry to all places featured here;
          *   All meetings with the veterans;
          *   All breakfasts - and much, much more.

This is a fourteen day tour and prices are based on double occupancy.  Please add $500 if you require a single room.  We can take only 30 people on this tour, as we expect some veterans on our bus at all times and the bus only holds 40.  Don't be left out, send your deposit of $300 per person right away.  If you have to cancel for any reason prior to 1 August, your deposit will be refunded immediately but if you wait too long, the spots will all be taken.

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