Here are some awesome photos of our 2006 "Patrol" while in the city of Nürnberg, all shot by LOREN CHARLES and MARY MYERS.

Naturally, the most famous part of this city is the stadium at Zeppelnfeld, and we are there.


Aahhh....but what is on the OTHER side of the stadium?  Here is where Hitler entered in order to make his impressive appearance on the podium.  We go INSIDE the stadium, off limits to all - and here is more of what we see.
       Remember, 'Eingang Verboten!' means 'Sharkhunters Welcome Here!'


    This is the very door Hitler used when he arrived at the stadium.

                 And what is inside this fabled 'Gold Room'?
The swastika is still emblazoned in the ceiling, in many rooms.  Mary is standing at one of the massive braziers that were outside and blazed with fire during the party rallies.


INSIDE the stadium, off limits to all - and here is what we see in Hitler's personal office.



This is the door where Hitler used to emerge at the top of the stadium.  It is not possible to open this huge bronze door because it is welded shut - but we are there!

In addition to the stadium at Zeppelnfeld, there is also the massive Congreßehal; built to look like the Coliseum in Rose, it is so huge that the Coliseum could be placed inside the courtyard of this building.

Hitler even had his own entrance ramp into the Congreßehall (photo left) and his own doorway to enter the building.....the bicycle probably is NOT his.

It wasn't all historic buildings of the Reich - we toured this beautiful city as seen in these photos.




Special room in the Rathaus (city hall) where kings, princes and warlords came to make treaties etc.  Hitler made many speeches in this room as well.

Even the Romans liked this city some two thousand years ago.  A German farmer was plowing his field a few years ago and he hit this wall.  It was excavated, and here we are.


In town, we passed the former SS barracks (below) and of course, took many photos.

Naturally, we visit the castle(s) at Nürnberg.  This is actually three castles in one.  One for the Emperor, one for the Landgraf and one for the Prince of Nürnberg.



The last 'official' thing we do before leaving Nürnberg is to visit the grave of Hans-Ulrich Rudel, one of the greatest pilots the world has ever known - and we lay flowers on his grave.

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