Here are some awesome photos of our 2006 "Patrol" of our time on the mountain shot by PETER STOCKNER, LOREN CHARLES and MARY MYERS.

The ceremony, the memorial service - all that follow are images of that time.

                                                    Uniforms of bygone days


                So many veterans.....                            Sharkhunters President Harry Cooper (in
                                                                           white hat) sits with the President (on his
                                                                              left) of the Ulrichsberggemeinschaft

                                                                             Our friend, Sgt. Major Eddie Kummer




















                                         "Bottoms up!"  A toast to the veterans





After there solemn and moving ceremonies, we stop at a meadow on the mountain for a hearty lunch with the veterans.  The brats are great and naturally, the beer has no equal - and we really love the soup......the same hearty soup, favorite of General Scharnhorst, that the German military ate on the march for centuries.








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