Here are some awesome photos of our 2006 "Patrol", all shot by Sharkhunters Members LOREN CHARLES and MARY MYERS.

Our very special hotel on the Obersalzberg is a three-centuries-old Bavarian gasthaus owned by our good friend and Sharkhunters Member, INGRID SCHARFENBERG (3308-A/LIFE-1993).  During WW II, this was the HQ for Hitler's personal guard when he was on the mountain.

Hotel zum Türken above and behind the bushes (photo right) is the circular coffee room seen below, where leaders of the Reich such as Hitler, Bormann, Göring, Heydrich etc. met for their coffee and planning meetings.  We were right there!

In the cellar of this hotel as well as immediately right outside are so many historic places such as the bunkers and escape doors such as this newly discovered escape door from Adolf Hitler's personal bunker as seen below.

Hitler's home was immediately next to the Hotel zum Türken where we stayed.  His personal guard stayed there when he was on the mountain.  Photo below left is shot from the zum Türken looking to where Hitler's home once stood; photo below right is shot from where his home once stood looking at the Hotel zum Türken.

Photos below are of the retaining wall that held the mountain in place so Hitler's Berghoff would not be overrun by a shifting mountain.  Photo below left (blue arrow) indicates an air shaft into the tunnel and bunker system beneath.


Okay, it wasn't all about bunkers.  Photos below we visit beautiful Salzburg, Austria.....
                               Outside a church (above) and inside (below)

But yes indeed, there were bunkers, bunkers and more bunkers.  The leaders of the Third Reich made certain that bombs would not fall on them.  Photos below are just a small amount of the massive bunker, tunnel and shelter ruins to be found within just a few hundred yards of our Hotel zum Türken.





There are so many more items of history to be found on this mountain.  Come along and check it out for yourself.

Naturally, we spend time shopping in the beautiful little village of Berchtesgaden

            The grave of Dietrich Eckart is right in the downtown cemetery.

What trip to this area would be complete without a visit to the Eagle's Nest?  This was a tea house that Martin Bormann had built for Hitler's 50th birthday.  It is magnificent, has a breathtaking view of the surrounding area - and features an Italian marble fireplace, a gift from Benito Mussolini......and we are there!



Wow!  What a beautiful place.  We also visited a fair in Salzburg seen here:
The sweets, the cotton candy and the beer..............all excellent!

It is difficult to be in this area without being in awe of the sheer beauty of the area and the majestic towering Alps.  Check the photos below.....

I think you have to agree - this is a magnificently beautiful part of the world.  Were YOU with us?  Well, there is space for you on our 2007 'Patrol' and you can save $200 per person IF you act quickly.  Reserve your space by 31 December 2006 and save money.

Before we leave this section, let's look at more....BUNKERS!

Who walked down these steps into the bunkers some 70 or so years ago?  According to the writing on the walls (photo below), it was Adolf Hitler, Dr. Morells and Eva Braun to list a few.  This tunnel originally led into the tunnel system beneath the Berghoff, Hitler's home.


More tunnels, more tunnel entrances - and even Albert Speer's architecture studio will be found here.  What about you?  Are you content to merely read about these historic places; are you okay with just seeing the photos.....or will you actually be there with our Sharkhunters 'Patrol' in 2007?  Don't keep putting it off 'until tomorrow'.

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