This is where the Third Reich began, more or less and we tour the many famous places in München by bus and on foot, and we have our lunch in the famous Hofbraühaus (photos below) where the famous 'Beer Hall Putsch' of 1923 began and we follow the path of the marchers to the confrontation with the Bavarian police.

Entrance to the famed Hofbraühaus   The band is there to greet us

Feldherrenhalle (photo below) was the intended goal of the marchers in the 9 November 1923 'Putsch' but it was just a few meters to the left of this photo where the armed confrontation took place and some two dozen were killed and many others, including Hermann Göring, were wounded.  Hitler and Generql Ludendorf were arrested and Hitler was sent to prison.

Here below are some of the buildings we saw in München.


Naturally, we had to visit the world famous carillon at the Rathaus (city hall) where, every day at 11am and noon, the figures all come to life and portray a medieval German village of centuries ago.  The blue and white Bavarian knights always defeats the other knight, knocking him off his horse.  He never misses!  Thousands are in the city square to watch this every day.


Another view of the Rathaus (left) and Hitler's apartment (right) where his neice (and lover) Geli was killed.

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