Could we be in München at this time of year and NOT visit Oktoberfest?  NO!!  We are here at this tremendous event.  The photo bottom is the entrance to the 'wiesn' where it all takes place.  That word means 'meadow' and that is where the festival began centuries ago, but it is now well paved with hundreds of vendors selling food, drinks, souvenirs and wild hats.  Of course, the major Münchener breweries each have a massive tent that features oompah bands, great food, a lot of fun and naturally - their own brand of beer.

     On the main 'street' at Oktoberfest.                Inside one of the massive beer hall tents.











Zillions of gallons of beer, hundreds of tons of food and so much entertainment - you just have to experience it to fully understand it.  There is no equal anywhere in the world.
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