From 20 through 28 September 2002

                We meet with a great many veterans, and we remember those who did not return.

Come along with SHARKHUNTERS for another great visit into North Germany where you will not only visit history, you will LIVE history!  You'll see what it all took place and you will meet the men of history.

We stay in Four Star hotels and a sumptuous breakfast (including champagne and other fine wines) is always provided.  Our bus transportation is by top of the line deluxe motorcoach.  Dozens of veterans meet with us and they are always happy to sign autographs and have their photos taken with you but more important, they share their memories of the sea war with us.  This is priceless history.

We tour the harbor Hamburg, past the giant shipyards that built BISMARCK and many U-boats.  We receive a private tour of the museum of PETER TAMM, the most awesome naval museum in the world!

    We visit the Navy Memorial and we tour through            We visit the German U-boat Memorial, built in
    the only Type VII-C (U-995) left in the world,           honor of those who did not return.  About 2,000
     with her Skipper!                                                         German Marks is sent by SHARKHUNTERS to
                                                                                        this Memorial annually.

We tour the ancestral home of General Scharnhorst, a fantastic aviation Museum, a 206A Class submarine as well as the only Type XXI 'Electro-boot' left in the world - and we tour the U-Boat Archives that work so closely with our SHARKHUNTERS.  Naturally, there is a lot more to see, to do and to experience on our tour.  Please look at our PREVIOUS TOURS for full details.

  We meet with famous Skippers         visit places not open to others              and have a lot of fun

In case you missed the highlights of this historic tour, here they are again but remember, these are only the highlights.  There will be much, much more to see and do:
  *   Meet dozens of World War II German veterans              *   visit the Peter Tamm Museum
  *   enjoy a Welcome Dinner with the veterans                      *   and a Farewell Dinner
  *   visit to the German Naval Memorial                                 *   visit the U-Boat Memorial
  *   tour ON BOARD the only Type VII-C left                      *   and the only Type XXI left
  *   tour of the German U-Boat Archives                               *   and aboard a 206A Class submarine
and much, much more!  Don't miss out - we can only take 40 people with us, so reserve your place on this historic tour now.  Send your deposit today.

Your low tour price includes:
   *   all transportation by deluxe motorcoach                      *   all hotels and accommodations
   *   all breakfasts                                                             *   all entry to places featured here
   *   all meetings with the veterans                                     *   much, much more!

There will be many historic sites to visit and many veterans to meet - bring the camera and camcorder.

Bring a friend - bring your spouse - but don't miss this great 'Patrol in North Germany' and LIVE history.

There are never less than a dozen U-boat Skippers and veterans who join our 'Patrols' but the Luftwaffe is also represented as are other branches of the Wehrmacht on our 'Patrols' and all these wonderful veterans are happy to talk of their experiences and to sign autographs.  Bring plenty of film and videotape.

Only $1,599 per person
This is a NINE-DAY tour.  Price based on double occupancy.  Please add $500 if you require a single room.

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