In order to avoid excessively long load times, we have put additional photos here.

                                                    Sharkhunters photo
  the Remains of a section of the
       famed 'Berlin Wall' and an
        abandoned guard tower.

                                                Ellyn Ponton photo                                                         Ellyn Ponton photo
Deep beneath the subways of Berlin, we are in the air raid bunkers perhaps six stories underground.
On the left is a room for an air raid warden while the people just escaping the bombs bunk in a
large open room like the photo on the right.  Were you there?  Don't miss this tour next year!

                                                  Barry Monroe photo                                                                            Barry Monroe photo
Some of the artifacts found in these deep                  Our guide stands in front of the mailboxes,
     underground air raid bunkers.                               some 6 or 7 stories beneath the streets of Berlin

Larry and Selina Kagan wrote this about their time with us:
"We had a fantastic time and what we liked best
     about the tour was the museums, the people, the
     history and the food.  Words cannot describe
     what we felt."

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