"Patrol" in northern Germany with Berlin & Poland
September - October 2005
A "Trip into the Tunnels of Time!"
                                                                    (Miguel Gonzales-Hermosilio)

SPECIAL TOUR on the bunker complex "Koralle" through the camera of Mary Myers.

  Entrance to one of the massive bunkers                      Dan Houser (6978-2005) and Loren Charles (3818-2003)
                                                                                                   survey the complex from above.

Our bus driver looks over the           Miguel Gonzales-Hermosillo (3076-1993), Steve Riha (2937-1993),
  walls and thinks about the              our guide and Valentina
    history of his country.

Photos above and below -   Some of our group having the time of their lives walking in the footsteps of history.

A "Trip into the Tunnels of Time" to be sure!
Will YOU be with us for our return to these bunkers and more secret places in 2006?  We'll have a place for you.