2001 Tour of Bavaria and Austria  (page 5)
29 September 2001 through 11 October 2001

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8 October (Monday)   This is a lazy day and the morning was our own to do what we wanted - shopping, sightseeing etc.  By noon we were on the road again and stopped at the home of KARL and Anne WALDECK.  KARL was a German destroyer officer during the war.  We were all guests there for refreshments in their garden.  We enjoyed the traditional black bread with salt, and ‘corn’.  For those who have never drunk ‘corn’, it is pretty much the same as the white lightning brewed in some American states, back in the hills.  This was great stuff……..but many of us mixed it with honey.

Then we went to the Rathaus, and interesting name for City Hall, where our group was received by the Lord  Mayor (photo below) of this town.  We had more refreshments and this time, it included champagne.  This is the home town of the man who wrote ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ and he is buried nearby.


We were back on the bus for our trip to the Obersalzberg and we checked into our rooms at the Hotel zum Türken (photo above), owned by our friend INGRID SCHARFENBERG and this hotel was the living quarters for Hitler’s personal guard when he was on the mountain.  In our rooms, we drank in the history of the place (photo below).  Who had this room?  What was his rank?  His duties?  Then we were off to town for dinner in a beautiful little café where we had the upper floor to ourselves.

Room in the zum Türken   Down into the bunkers
beneath the Türken
  Entrance to Göring's
own bunker

9 October (Tuesday)   Up to the Eagle’s Nest, the little restaurant built for Hitler's birthday under orders of Martin Bormann.  As you see in these photos below, the view here is just breathtaking!

After lunch, we were in the state capitol of Salzburg where we were to be the guests of the Governor (Photo below).  The entire staff to welcomed us.  The reception took place in the 800 year old former palace which is now the state office building.  This was home to such great composers as Mozart and Hyden.

Then we toured Salzburg on foot, and had a very special tour of the famed castle there.  Our friends from the Marine Kameradschaft there had all the ‘eingang verboten’ doors opened for us and as you know, ‘eingang verboten’ means ‘SHARKHUNTERS are welcome here’.


With the Governor's staff    the SS Day Room

10 October (Wednesday)   We were awake early and some were in the former SS day room (photo above) watching television, keeping up on the ongoing war events.  Some sixty years ago, others were in this very day room, also keeping up on a new war – one that would become the defining moment of the 20th Century.

INGRID gave a special tour of her personal archive, and it is filled with history and memories of those who were in this hotel and on the Obersalzberg in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  It was truly impressive!

We said goodbye to our friends on the Obersalzberg and our bus took us back north through the Austrian and Bavarian Tyrol and ultimately back to Kiedrich and our hotel of the first night.  This was our last night, and our friend HORST von HORSTIG joined us for our Farewell Dinner.  He was I.W.O. on U-595, and he signed autographs and had his photo taken with most of our group.  everyone was saying goodbye to old friends and new alike, then to bed in anticipation for an early start to the next morning.  Our 2001 ‘Patrol in South Germany and Austria’ is finished.  But there will be another to these wonderful places, to meet with these great veterans, in 2002.