We are proud to offer our new line of T-Shirts with U-Boat conning tower emblems IN COLOR!  Here are some of the new designs. 
    U-616                        U-96                             U-100

U-616 was the boat of Knights Cross holder Siegfried Koitschka.  He was I.W.O. on U-552 under Erich Topp and that boat had a dancing red devil as its tower emblem.  Koitschka, with a great sense of humor, said that his conning tower emblem was the "Little Bastard" that was born of the Dancing Red Devil as father, and his mother was a prostitute from Toulon.  Koitschka was a Member of Sharkhunters until his death - a super guy!

Who doesn't know the "Smiling Sawfish" of U-96, made popular in the movie "Das Boot"?  Her Skipper, Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock was decorated with the Knights Cross and Oak Leaf, and he was a Sharkhunters Member until his death.

The crouching panther was the emblem that Joachim Schepke had emblazoned on the conning tower of U-100, and you can have that famed emblem on your T-Shirt.  He was decorated with the Knights Cross and Oak Leaf.

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    U-48                          U-552                                 U-995

U-48 was the most successful submarine of any navy in World War II under three Skippers, each of whom won at least the Knights Cross.  This is known as "Dreimal Schwartzer Katter" or Three Tomcats.

U-552 under Sharkhunters Member Erich Topp had a dancing red devil as its tower emblem.  He was the third most successful combat submarine Skipper of World War II and was decorated with the Knights Cross, Oak Leaf and Crossed Swords.  Only five U-Bootfahrer received this high honor.

At barely 21 years of age, Hans-Georg Hess became the youngest combat submarine Skipper of any navy in World War II and possibly of all time.  He was decorated with the Knights Cross after five successful war patrols.  Hess told his crew that they could decide on an emblem but they could not use anything to do with the war, with weapons or with ancient heraldry.  The "Fang den Hut" emblem is from a children's game of the same name, meaning "catch the hat".  Hess has been a Member of Sharkhunters since 1985 and serves on our Board.

NOTE - MANY MORE IMAGES AVAILABLE!  Look at all the images on the MUGS page; any image you see there can be reproduced on a T-Shirt.  Just tell us which you want, and you've got it!  There are HUNDREDS more images you may choose.