SHARKHUNTERS International
Board of Advisors


For decades, Sharkhunters International has resorted to a Board of Advisors to help guide us forward.  They include:

*  James Kennedy; U. S. Navy submarine veteran
*  Captain Mickey Gaverick
*  Dr. Thad Layton
*  Carl Reichl
*  Kevin Niebuhr; Police officer
*  Meaghan Cooper

   Meaghan Cooper

*  Chaz Pityk
*  Craig Smith
*  Dr. Charles Ellis
*  Harry Hall
*  Col. Cal Delaplain
*  Troy Strother
*  Jeff Rense
*  Gabriele Dorr
*  Peter Parker
*  Aldo Villagrossi
*  Pamela Post

     CLICK HERE to meet our Sharkhunters Founder and President

Our Sharkhunters Advisors serve only ten years and new ones are appointed annually.
           These are our previous Advisory Board Members:

*  John Kammerer
          He rode USS BARB (SSN 596)
*  Captain Robert Thew  +
          Naval Intelligence during his Navy hitch, then NSA for years
*  John Ryan    +       U.S. Navy EOD in Vietnam
*  Oberleutnant zur See d.R. Hans Georg Hess     +     Knights Cross
          Commander U-995 and at barely 21 years of age, the youngest combat submarine Skipper of WW II
*  Professor Zel Eaton             Former Spook
*  Edward Rumpf  +             Expert on the Eismeer boats
*  Forrest Dana  +         Leading world expert on the tunnels, bunkers etc. built by Germany in the war
*  Jude Stackpole, PhD     +
          Was unraveling secrets of the codes that were given to the British but died in a motorcycle crash
*  Dr. Warren Brown
*  Arthur Aydelotte  +           U.S. Navy veteran
*  William Custer  +
*  Fleet (5 star) Admiral Vladimir Chernavin     Hero of the Soviet Union
          Last supreme commander of the Soviet Navy
*  Captain Edward L. Beach     +     Navy Cross
          Submarine Commander and author of several books including "Run Silent; Run Deep!"
       Hans Georg Hess                       "Ned" Beach                            Vladimir Chernavin
These two men, Hess and Beach - former enemies - met and became friends at a Sharkhunters Convention!

*  Flotillenadmiral Otto Kretschmer     +     Knights Cross with Oak Leaf and Crossed Swords
          Commander of U-23 and U-99, the TOP submarine Skipper of World War II
*  James Kline
*  Gerhard Richter     +
          Radioman aboard U-81 when they sank the aircraft carrier HMS ARK ROYAL
              Otto Kretschmer                                Gerhard Richter

*  Chris Wills           U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard veteran
*  Rear Admiral Gene Fluckey     +     Medal of Honor
          Commander USS BARB (SS 220) and with the Medal of Honor, four Navy Cross medals
                      and much, much more he's the most highly decorated American submariner in history
*  Marc Cohen
*  Fregettenkapitän Gerd Thäter     +     Deutsches Kreuz in Gold
          Commander of U-466
                             Gene Fluckey                                          Gerd Thäter

*  Professor Thomas Mackin
*  Eddie Phillips
*  Oberleutnant zur See Herbert Werner  +
          Commander of several boats; wrote "Iron Coffins"
*  Wayne Pickels  +        Silver Star
          Part of the crew of USS PILLSBURY, Wayne was in the first boarding party that captured U-505
                          Herbert Werner                                                         Wayne Pickels

*  Admiral (4 stars) Frank Kelso          Former CNO U.S. Navy
*  Robert Panazze
*  Captain Peter Chelemedos  +
          Merchant Skipper - sunk in both oceans during World War II
*  Captain Guy Goodboe
*  Major Lou Mari
          Highly decorated Green Beret veteran of Vietnam
*  Peter Hansen              Kriegsmarine and Abwehr veteran
*  Major Dick Smith     +
          U.S.. Army pilot (Retired), world class sports car racer
*  Gerhard Dietrich     +
          Oberfeuerwerker with von Manstein's Army in the Crimea
                             Dick Smith                                                    Gerhard Dietrich

*  Joseph Burges     +      Englishman came to the U.S. and joined the Navy; U.S. combat submarine veteran
*  Detlev Zimmermann        He rode U-315
*  Brian Orlando
*  David Savadyga     +     US. Air Force
*  Myron Blahey
*  Emilie Caldwell-Stewart
          World renowned expert on signatures of Third Reich personalities
*  Oberleutnant zur See "Hai" Maßmann    +
          Commander U-409
*  Tilman Hess; Attorney and son of Hans Georg Hess
*  Bill Reed; U.S. Navy destroyer veteran     +
*  Bill Olsen
*  Professor Reneé von Wörde PhD   +
*  Oberleutnant zur See Günther Heinrich  +
          Commander U-960, the last boat safely through Gibraltar
*   Sgt. William Napier, USMC combat vet; two tours in Vietnam
*  John Buck
       Günther Heinrich                       "Mad" Max Rieske                    BILL NAPIER
*  Lt. Col. "Mad" Max Rieske, U.S. Army (Ret)
*  Michael Lingner; Police officer
*  Steve Shock
*  John Zaro
*  C. J. Christ; Well published researcher and writer on the U-Bootwaffe
*  David Mobley
*  Victor Turon     +
*  Mathew Hall
*  Harold Gay
*  Christopher Banda
*  Rich delFavro
*  Mary Myers
*  Loren Charles
*  Peter Stockner

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