The boat draws ever nearer to our position.  She ties up beneath the bridge where we are waiting.


It is our tour boat for a beautiful lake cruise..............with great food!  Come aboard and cruise with us.

Above left - Enjoying the sunshine is FRED CHANG (772-1988) standing, MIGUEL GONZALES (3076-2005) back to camera, CRAIG NANCE (6837-2004) checking his camera and at the far table Debbie and CHUCK THOMPSON (519-1988).
                                                       Above right - RONAL HEUTON (7179-C-2007) filming all this history.



Above left - Swiss Rolf, Debbie and CHUCK THOMPSON.
                                                                               Above right - FRED CHANG and MIGUEL GONZALES.


Above and below..................TOTAL relaxation!




   Great food - from the side dishes set up in the cabin (above left) to the main course grilling on the deck (above right).



The fresh air, the smell of the food cooking, the beautiful and historic surroundings and Sharkhunters camaraderie - it doesn't get any better than this!  YOU should be with us on one of our Sharkhunters "Patrols"'d love it.


         RONAL HEUTON and ERWIN BURDT checking out the very narrow channel we are about to enter.

                                Yep, it's narrow but this boat is a very shallow draft boat and easily transits this area.


          Beautiful shoreline, but the sight of the yacht club ahead sadly tells us that our three hour boat tour is about to end.


YOU could have been with SHOULD have been with us - for the scenery, for the pure history and for the friendships that come out of our "Patrols".  There will be more, and you are welcome to be with us.

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Sadly, an hour or so after we returned to our hotel, an antique shop two blocks away caught fire.

                         The firemen worked tirelessly for hours, but it was no use.  The shop was a total loss.

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