Another of the massive fortresses in what is now Poland, we visit the Fortress Boyen.


Boyen was a standard design 'Star-Fort' of the time wherein attackers at any wall were under fire from several walls.

Above left - RONAL HEUTON (7179-C-2007) looks over the enormity of the fort.





        It has been said that Sharkhunters explorers go where angels fear to tread.  Maybe...............


Above left - our very nice hotel was right across the road from the yacht club.


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Above left - Although this steel cupola dome on this observation post weighs about
                        300 pounds, it is mounted so that one man can easily rotate it.
                                                             Above right - That tent in the courtyard is not from the time of this fort.  Our
                                                             guide tells us that the city makes extra money to maintain the fort by renting
                                                             out sections for dance recitals and other events.





                                                This fortress had LOTS of gunports!

CHUCK THOMPSON (519-1988) listens intently as our guide tells us that this section of the fortress had been rented out as a pizza shop.  Above right and below left are photos of the ovens.


These beautiful historic old buildings will soon be gone unless there is a massive influx of money.
                        Above and below left - the gymnasium.                          Below right - inside the gymnasium.

                              Both above - housing for the pigeons which were the Signal Corps of past armies.


Maybe there will be help coming in the form of the "Baltic Culture and Tourism Route" also known as the "Baltic Fort Route" if you note the sign that our guide is holding.  She was a little embarrassed because the sign is supposed to be firmly attached to a main wall, but it was on the floor in her office.  She said they were looking for a proper place to mount it.

    Looks like they found a place to mount the sign - temporarily at least.

Above left - some of these passageways are pretty narrow, as RONAL HEUTON (7179-C-2007) notices.  Back when these old forts were built, an average man was about 5 feet tall and maybe 100 pounds.  We eat better nowadays.

Check back tomorrow - more photos to be added daily.

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