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Massive Field Piece - still here.

We move along to the site of one of the massive field guns.  While the gun itself is gone, the entire facility is maintained in great condition for visitors.  Come along and walk in this history with us but first - we must pass the obligatory T-34 tank on display.

the base on which the gun sat and traversed.

ammunition and other supplies traveled along this corridor.
photo of some visiting officers.

photo of the actual gun.  The men on the aft platform are tiny indeed.

The arrow shows the size of a man on the gun.
This massive gun in action.   the red outline indicates how the gun was positioned.

Into the Museum...............


We don't read Polish, but that sign undoubtedly means
"Sharkhunters may take photographs!"  Well, why not?

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Some of the political posters still on the walls..............
                  What the heck????? (upper right).  Maybe there is "friendly" then there is "Soviet friendly" - who knows?

It was here that the German warship (linienschiff) SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN opened fire on the Polish military facilities.  Until one is standing here, one cannot comprehend that this firestorm was at point-blank range!  Let's take a look.


Up inside the observation tower and we see political posters of "Uncle Joe" Stalin steering the ship of state (upper right), of 'Mother Russia' exhorting the troops onward (lower left) and Lenin watching over Stalin leading the troops.


Upper right - this is as high up as we can go in the observation tower.  Photos below - the view from the top is breathtaking.


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