SHARKHUNTERS International
the Kaiser's Military School
and Panzer Regiment Five

In this little village of Wunsdorf-Zossen is where we find the military school built in the time of the Kaiser, prior to World War One.  Prior to and during World War Two, it was the home of the Panzer Regiment Five.  Let's walk through history now.

The inscription on the stone (upper left) tells that this
was the home of the Panzer Regiment 5.
These were military cavalry stables built in the time of
the Kaiser.  They are now museums for WW II and
for motorcycles as well as others.

 Inside, we find a set of stairs which we are told
are dangerous.  Naturally, we go up!
This was in the Soviet sector and it was turned into a
major Soviet military complex, hence the statue of Lenin.
He is looking forward but he is going nowhere.

U-Boat veteran ERWIN BURDT (1328-1989) is in the hallway from the old Kaiser's School into a huge rotunda built by the Soviets.
When they pulled out and returned to Russia, they removed the massive panorama they had built here and left only the bare walls.

No, our guides are not from the movie "Star Wars" and they are
not using "Light Sabers" - only high powered flashlights
and it is pretty dark in here. 
The Soviets took the panorama, but they left this
map and assorted artwork.

This place is magnificent - opulent to the highest order.  It is also a very sad place because it is falling into ruin right before our eyes and there appears to be no effort and no chance to salvage it.


Another staircase and more left behind by the Soviets.

The old Kaiser's School, built 100 years ago, sure is a beautiful place - the entire complex is fantastic - however, this entire historic compound is falling into terminal disrepair.  No maintenance is being done, no repairs but all the while, time and weather are destroying this magnificent place.  In a few years, the buildings will be crumbling and will be lost to history forever.


For those who do not read German, this means "Only Sharkhunters are Welcome Here!"  Well, it COULD mean that, couldn't it?  So in we go.  We probably got the translation correct or close enough.

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der Schwimmbad (the swimming pool)


Doggone!  We forgot our swimming suits.  Doesn't matter; someone pulled the plug.......a long time ago.


Upper right - the locker room, like the rest of this building is falling apart, but once it looked like this


Indeed, this entire complex, a magnificent group of buildings, is falling into ruin and there doesn't appear to be any way to stop it.  The German Government either will not spend the money or perhaps it does not have the money, and it does not appear that any private money would be forthcoming either.  It is a real pity that so many of these old buildings in Europe - not only Germany, but other countries in Europe, are facing the similar fate.  The reason appears to be lack of money and-or lack of interest by the various governments coupled with a lack of interest from the private sector as well.  We are fortunate to be able to visit these places while they are still accessible but the clock is ticking ever faster now and it is likely that five years from now, many of the places we visit will no longer exist.



Sometimes kids never grow up.  We told you that we always have fun on our "Patrols".

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