In order to move waterway traffic from lake to lake and to rivers, a huge lock gate was built.

MARY MYERS (7025-2005) and LOREN CHARLES (3818-2003) under the umbrella while MIGUEL GONZALES (3076-2005) looks on.  This was the only day we saw rain while over here.


Above left - this marker was alongside the path.     Above right - we are getting close now.

To get an idea of the size of this place, look at the stairs in the upper right photo and compare with the overall structure.

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Above left - the place where the huge eagle had been emblazoned is still to be seen.
     Above right - another "stadtratte" which translates to "city rat" as they are called in Germany.  Pigeons are everywhere!

Above left - Rolf from Switzerland again proving there is no place that Sharkhunters cannot go.
        Above right - another sign welcoming Sharkhunters to the otherwise off limits limits to OTHERS; not to us.


One might wonder why the Reich built such a massive lock system on a lake so far from navigable waters.  according to what we learned from BUD DANA (245-A/LIFE-1987), this was part of a construction compound for manufacture of Type II U-Boats similar to the bunker Valentin at Bremen which was built to finalize construction of the ultra-modern Type XXI U-Boats.  BUD tells us that the Type II boats would be brought here in sections, assembled into the final operational boat and moved out from these protected locks.


Check back tomorrow - more photos to be added daily.

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