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Malbork - World's Largest Castle.
This map shows where we are.

The world's largest BRICK castle, that is.  This was the main castle of the Teutonic Knights, the men who originated banking as we know it today.  This castle is massive with stairs and corridors that are guaranteed to get anyone lost.  Don't ask how we know...


MIGUEL GONZALES-HERMOSILLO (3076-2005) has this to say about his participation:
"I had a really good time.  Most vivid memory of this "Patrol" was Wolfsschanze and the boat trip on the Mazurers Lakes  - marvelous.  We must keep Marienburg, Wolfsschanze and the boat trip.  It was indeed fantastic."


Above left - USMC combat veteran BILL NAPIER (2290-C/LIFE-1992) checks out the courtyard.
Above right - the four Grand Masters of the castle; individual photos of the four are below.

Aside from BILL, these guys look really mean - one is even missing his hand!


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We stopped in town for lunch at a really unique restaurant.  It had an American 'Wild West' theme!

Left - the cover of the menu is wood and the image is hand-painted.

Right - one of the menu pages containing such 'normal American western food' as:
     Wild Indian maiden ecstasy when she on...........we can't remember the rest of that - or Steak of wild buffalo that was hit in the butt with a dull tomahawk by Buffalo Bill and other such interesting selections.  Really, that's what was on the menu!

Sharkhunters waiting for their "wild west" lunch...............MARY MYERS (7025-2005), CRAIG NANCE (6837-2004) and LOREN CHARLES (3818-2003) appear to be chuckling over the menu as is Rolf from Switzerland - Above right.

And now..........................the high point of this entire "Bunker Patrol" - we go onward to

............the Wolf's Lair; Hitler's hardened command center in what is now middle Poland.

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