Before entering the fort for our tour, we enjoy refreshments at the outdoor cafe.




  From high atop the look tower, we see the waterworks (above both) and the world's longest military barracks (below both).


                           Only a short section of the world's longest's about a mile long

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                                                                       , this is not the commandant's residence or the chapel.
                                                                           is the watertower!


       One must wonder - which Prussian king built all these slab-sided pre-fabricated sheet metal buildings in this fortress.

    It was no Prussian was Uncle Joe, as in Stalin.  This is all Soviet era construction inside the fortress walls.

                             Above right and both below - HQ building of the Soviet military Police.


This entire fortress is in dire need of repair.  We are told that an Australian businessman just bought the entire fortress compound with plans to fully renovate the buildings and offer them as apartments for low income people.

Check back tomorrow - more photos to be added daily.

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