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Poznan - another Chancellery and more

The magnificent cathedral is right down the street from our hotel, and the weather is fantastic!


Heinrich Himmler felt that Operation "Barbarossa" was going so well that an Eastern Führerhauptquartier (Führer's Headquarters) was needed, so he commandeered the castle across the street from the cathedral and updated it to be a place where Hitler and his Staff could come and direct the Eastern Front combat.


Naturally, if this was to be a proper Führerhauptquartier, then there
must be a "Führerbalkon" (Führer's balcony) and here it is.
Then into the castle and up the interior stairs.   This beautiful courtyard is just one of the views from
the third floor of the castle.

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onward to Gniezno
Then we go to the town of Gniezno (Gnesen) and we visit another ancient church.................


..............and we visit inside this centuries-old church.


A group of school children emerging from their visit to this church.


Gniezno was the first capital of Poland and the church is a Polish National sanctuary.  Until the year 1320, the Polish kings were crowned here in this town.  In later years, this town was also the birthplace of SS Brigadeführer (Brigadier General) Heinz Reinefarth (photos below) who was in 1945 responsible for the complete destruction of Old Town Küstrin.  He was sentenced to death but he continued a career as a politician after the war in West Germany.


First Americans - EVER!
Then we travel to the ancient town of Torun, home of the famed astronomer Copernicus.  We cross the river to the great fortress that dominated this area centuries ago.  Our guide tells us that we are the very first American group to visit this fortress - ever.


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