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We Visit Fortress SPANDAU

Sunday 28 September, we visit Fortress Spandau.  Below left, the group leaves the bus and enters the fortress gate (below right)


Under the beautiful crest, we enter the fortress.  They don't actually build fortresses on the ground - they dig really deep to make a foundation to keep the walls from collapsing and they build in deterrents for an enemy who would tunnel into the fortress.  This is a section built several hundred years ago, exposed for the visitor to view.


1936 Olympics!


We break for a photo stop at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.  This place has more history than just Jesse Owens - during the 1936 games, Adolf Hitler was here and his companion was a beautiful young Dane named Inga Arvad.  At this time, she was the mistress of Axel Wenner-Gren, the wealthiest man in the world in those years - and one of the top operatives in the west for the Third Reich.  A few short years later, this beauty moved to Washington DC where she and a young U. S. Navy officer in the Intelligence Division became lovers.  This man was John F. Kennedy, future President of the United States.  His father pressed Roosevelt to get young JFK out of Washington and away from this twice divorced non-Catholic, so he was shipped to the South Pacific and to PT-109.  But the story doesn't end there - after the war was over, they tried to rekindle the romance but the flame apparently had gone out.  Inga went on to marry cowboy movie star Tim McCoy.  What has this to do with our visit in Berlin?  Probably nothing, but it is great World War II history and that's what we're here for.

Inga was Hitler's companion at the Olympics.
JFK was later smitten with her charms.

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