SHARKHUNTERS International
Wolfsschanze!  Wolf's Lair.
The very name evokes mystery and history

It was late in the day when we arrived, but we could feel the mystique of the place as if it were a tangible thing.

Our Hotel - the former SS Officer's Barracks!   Off to Wolfsschanze!  The map...............the country road........heading into history!

Our hotel - this was the SS Officer's Quarters.  Inside, in the hallway and in the rooms, it looks pretty much as it did some sixty years ago.  As we see below, Sharkhunters spent an evening in a makeshift pool tournament in the former SS officers' day room.


Above - CHUCK THOMPSON watches as HARRY COOPER smiles, knowing that HC is going to lose his game.

Left - MARY MYERS was beating everyone that evening.

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It was late and we were told not to wander around in the dark.  One of our hosts said they probably...................PROBABLY cleared all 250,000 anti-personnel mines cleared, but said we should not venture out and go wandering abut in the dark.  However, another of our hosts said that the story of the mines was untrue.  Still - the idea that the land mines were PROBABLY cleared was enough to make everyone cautious.  Nobody ventured far from the hotel/barracks this evening.  PROBABLY not being blown up is not good enough.

Okay, maybe there is something to this story about the mines;
so COOPER ventured out just a little ways from the hotel.

Dinner that evening then breakfast the next morning - and history!


The dining room - the very same dining hall where the SS guard officers ate more than six decades ago.  Now it is LOREN CHARLES (3818-2003), MARY MYERS (7025-2005), BILL NAPIER (2290-C/LIFE-1992) and MIGUEL GONZALEZ (3076-2005) ready to enjoy our supper our first late evening at Wolfsschanze.

  Next morning we have another great breakfast.
we begin our tour of this historic place.    
the original tracks that brought world leaders to this facility.

the original railroad crossing sign.

Right - a memorial plate indicating the actual spot where von Stauffenberg placed the bomb meant to kill Hitler.  Contrary to popular belief, the meeting where the assassination attempt was made was not in the hardened bunker; it was in a wooden building on this spot.



Model of the entire Wolfsschanze compound is to be found in one of the former Wehrmacht buildings still intact.


Three photographers LOREN CHARLES (3818-2003), MIGUEL GONZALES (3076-2005) and MARY MYERS (7025-2005) setting up for just the right shot.  Our group shot literally thousands of photos.


..........continuing onward into history!

Who had a protected office here?
Who walked these stairs seven decades past?
    Site #13 - the command bunker of Adolf Hitler

Nobody was supposed to wander off, but COOPER wanted to see the view from above.

Right - Oops!  The guide has spotted HARRY and is not too happy that someone is climbing these ruins.  HARRY gets yelled at.............again






To the train station............
Historians will remember the visit by Benito Mussolini to Wolfsschanze.  He got off the train right here!


Let your imagination wander.......Above both - there are THE tracks that brought Mussolini's train to Wolfsschanze.  CRAIG NANCE (6837-2004) taking photos.

Then all too soon, we say goodbye to this incredible area of history.

From here we go to the nearby airfield which was both lucky for some - unlucky for others.

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